​​About Multidimensional Awakening (MDA) Sessions​

Healing sessions last 3 hours and start by clearing unconscious blocks, trapped emotions and past trauma that help form our limiting beliefs. The released negative energies are then back-filled with powerful positive energies using ecstatic pleasure and powerful affirmations.

Multidimensional Awakening is not Tantra, surrogacy, or OMing. We honor all paths and we invite you to expect an experience with Multidimensional Awakening that is unique in every way. If you’re looking for the quickest, deepest, most intense and profound healing modality available, then your guidance here is no accident.

Healing Sessions don’t feel sexual. The sessions feel more like a re-birthing process.  Multidimensional Awakening truly is similar to a birth process, as the client is giving birth to her new identity as a more powerful version of herself.  In all my experience as a midwife what I have witnessed through Multidimensional Awakening is that the transformation and rebirthing of one's true identity is every bit as intense and just as powerful as the day they were born into this world!

Clearly defined and maintained boundaries are integral to the Multidimensional awakening signature process. MDA practitioners are rigorous in maintaining the emotional and energetic safe space required for vulnerability and healing.

Choosing into the MDA process begins with completing an extensive, confidential application. After you have submitted this application, we will follow up with a private phone call to verify that you, as a client, are ready for the next step in the process, and that we are a good match as your practitioners.  Everything happens one step at a time, allowing you to feel safe throughout the entire process.

We are so excited to experience the amazing miracles in our own lives and the lives of those we are blessed to touch on our journey!  Namaste...

Enjoy this amazing testimonial describing the experiences of others who have gone through the Multidimensional Awakening program and the amazing results this program creates!