I  am a former electrical engineer with experience in the semiconductor, medical,

and nuclear industries.  My focus has shifted from healing equipment and

machines, into assisting others in their process of healing heart, body and spirit. Currently a licensed Multidimensional Awakening  Practitioner in partnership with Freyja, I bring Reiki Master and Moksha Magick energy as well.


Here's our introductory interview with the beautiful and vibrant Lucia Gabriella which explains a little of what we are about...stay tuned for more!

I am a master machinist specializing in the aerospace industry and have  over thirty years experience in the machining industry.  I have always been drawn to helping people improve their lives and personal power.  I am currently a Reiki practitioner and level two Moksha practitioner as well as  working toward becoming a fully licensed Multidimensional Awakening practitioner.   





I  am incredibly blessed as a partner and mother, and live with my family on the beautiful Florida Gulf Coast.  I am also a Registered Nurse and practised as a Midwife for several years in Canada before relocating to the US.  I am trained in  several complementary healing modalities including  Certified Herbalist,  Aromatherapist, Reiki Master and certified Moksha Magick Practitioner as well as being a licensed Multidimensional Awakening  practitioner.   I am passionate about healing of the body, mind and spirit!