Ben Noble - Oregon - September 2, 2016 - MDA (ESH)

My sessions with Michael and Freyja Inanna were so powerfully tranformative and deeply nurturing. I highly recommend working with them, but only if you're ready to change everything

Johnny G - Florida - September 13, 2016 - MDA (ESH)

I admit I was a big skeptic when I first was presented with this as potential way for me to overcome my fears, deal with (and let go of) repressed memories thatwere holding me back from realizing my true potential. Did I let my skepticism stop me? by all means, NO! And that's the 1st step we all need to take in order to begin the process of healing. The byproduct is nothing other than Unconditional Love for yourself and all others.

The theme here is Trust, Commit, Surrender... I had to ponder that a bit and understand what it means to me... took me some time, but here goes:

Trust that your doubts are normal
Trust that your frustration is warranted
Trust that your fears will be faced
Trust that it will be all worth it in the end

Commit to yourself
Commit to the process
Commit to changing for the better
Commit to Life through Unconditional Love

Surrender to a power that is unfathomable
Surrender your preconceived notions of right and wrong
Surrender your fear in exchange for Self-Worth
Surrender and be free to Co-Create

The Result?  
Unconditional Self-Love
A renewed feeling of Unconditional Love for others (outside of your circle of friends/family)
Exponentially Increased Self-Confidence to pursue your dream and manifest it into reality (as Co-Creator)

Thank you, Michael & Freyja, for your energy, love, and service to this amazing process! 

- Namaste


Michele - North Carolina - October 4, 2016 - MDA (ESH)
I have searched my whole adult life for better ways to live my life. Working with Freyja and Michael has been the most powerful and enlightening experience I have ever had. If you are looking for that final piece of your puzzle....this is it. I was in need of healing deep felt grief from the loss of my beautiful daughter Lisa Marie who was 32 years old. I needed help with trauma from female surgeries that left me with physical pain and communication problems in my marriage. I recieved healing in many other areas of my life. I was coached in a safe environment that made me feel cared for and loved. This is a very personal and sacred experience for people that are 100% committed to healing mind and body. My husband and I highly recommend Inanna Sanctuary. Freyja, Michael and Marvin are dedicated professionals. I feel alive again with a greater purpose and the courage to move forward. There is no turning back. With Gratitude, Michele

Mark - California - October 21, 2015 - MDA (ESH)

Michael and Freya are so powerful together. Their energy flows so effortlessly and they know just how to bring out all your anchors and blocks. I felt safe releasing the anger that I had stored inside of me because the space they hold is so open and nurturing. When I got off the table, I was at peace finally.  After years and years of anxiety and my mind racing to every different possible thought, I can finally sit in peace and focus clearly.  It feels absolutely amazing and I'm now fully in my power. Thank you, from every ounce of my mind, body and soul!




Inanna Sanctuary

...of Healing Light

Emily – Australia - October 10, 2015 - MDA (ESH)

My experience of Explosive Spiritual Healing through Freyja and Michael was beyond powerfully transformative, I was able to dive deeper within myself than I have ever previously been able to go to release and heal past wounds (including past life!) I credit this to the absolute safety and trust I felt in their presence and facilitation. Freyja's intuitive energy work and card readings were epically inspiring and Michael's gentle yet strong guidance was exactly what I needed to restore my trust in male practitioners. I absolutely could not recommend them more highly. I am forever grateful to this incredible couple!

Niki Kissell - Florida - December 8, 2016

When I first met Freyja, she told me about the most powerful, most effective healing modality she had ever encountered. I was intrigued, but skeptical.The MOST powerful? The MOST effective?

I have done a lot of work towards my own healing, and I have a professional practice teaching and healing. I have used talk therapy, Reiki, yoga, journaling, song, dance, art, ThetaHealing, Access Bars, Moksha Magick and other sexual healing, meditation, breathwork, role-playing and reenactment, peer support groups, etc. These were all extremely helpful, but Multi-Dimensional Awakening far surpasses them all. 

It's hard for me to put into words all the areas in my life that have improved as a result of going all-in on this process. When I started, I was constantly tired. I was sleeping ten hours a night and still not feeling fully rested. Now I feel well-rested with 8 to 9 hours, without the medications I was taking before. I am feeling more focused and energized in my work. I'm a more effective mom. I can be more fully present with my lovers. 

And most importantly, the common messages I accepted in my childhood from my family and society, and the trauma I have been carrying around with me for decades, are almost completely gone!

The safe space that Michael and Freyja created for me was so real and so profound that I was able to express and release layer upon layer upon layer of anger, fear, and grief - most of which I didn't even know I had. And once each layer had been released, I felt light. I felt free. I felt whole.

I still feel all those things and more. 

Thank you Michael and Freyja for guiding me through this healing journey. I will be forever grateful.

 Averil - Oregon - December 6, 2015 - MDA (ESH)

Michael and Freyja are skilled practitioners. They worked together in a way that allowed me to feel safe and let go. During my sessions with them they helped me to see where I was still holding on to fear, anger, and sadness. When I struggled to let go they stayed present with me and did not let me give up on myself. In the most firm yet gentle way they helped me let go of emotions that I had been holding me back for a long time. With their guidance I was then able to go deep into my pleasure and begin the process of creating more of what I desire in my life. I continue to experience more ease and clarity in my life and look forward to more sessions with them.