Claiming your right to experience pleasure is a powerful way of reclaiming and creating the life you desire.  When you really embrace your capacity to experience pleasure at a deep level, you live life from a place of feeling tapped in, turned on and powerful...glowing!  Does this appeal to you?  If so, connect with us and learn how to tap into your pleasure and your power!

As the world is shifting into a place that is recognizing the awakening power of the divine feminine and the need for healing on a universal level, we reach out to those who wish to create powerful healing and success in their lives through the power of orgasmic energy...prepare to be blown away!

Why is Multidimensional Awakening (MDA) Important for Women in our Society?

From their earliest impressions, women are exposed to a society based on masculine ideals, such as a high emphasis on physicality over nurturing, individualism over teamwork, logic over intuition, and aggression over cooperation. The feminine approach has too often been viewed as a sign of weakness, and to fit into the workplace, too many women have tried to compensate by adopting the masculine energy. They throw away their greatest power for a perceived advantage, and this leaves women feeling inadequate and unfulfilled. Even worse, society disempowers women through shaming, guilt, and suppression of the female body, rejection of the sacred feminine, and suppression of natural feminine sexual desire and pleasure.

Shaming the female body and her sexuality is what has disempowered women for eons. Women thrive on pleasure and sensuality! This is where the feminine draws her strength and nurturing from.  Sexuality is her life force energy, her fire, and her center of creation, from where she can fully stand in her truth, confidence and feminine strength. MDA dissolves all those disempowering beliefs, programs, shame and guilt around the female body and sexuality so women can fully (re)embrace and heal their emotional, physical and spiritual bodies from the inside out.


Multidimensional Awakening



Enjoy this video by the co-founders of Multidimentional Awakening, Ben and Jen Rode, whose training  we have had the privilege of experiencing directly.