Mika and Freyja, Founders of Inanna Sanctuary, are a sacred, passionate partnership, well grounded in the healing arts and the alchemy of rebirth, and are the co-founders of 'Inanna Sanctuary LLC'.  They are known in their circles for seeing beyond the constraints of society’s traditional beliefs around healing and sexuality and taking a more holistic and open view, both in their own life paths and in their work with others.  Mika and Freyja, are powerfully matched catalysts for growth, showing up as teachers, mentors and Life Alchemists with their unique blend of intuition, connection, experience and talent.

Freyja’s twenty plus years of training and experience as a registered nurse and midwife working intimately with women and their families as they go through pregnancy and childbirth have given her a deep connection with women and she knows how to engage with them fully in the process of stepping into their power.  Midwife (german “Mit-wife”) literally means “with woman” and was the perfect preparation for Freyja’s work as an BodyMindSoul Emancipation™ practitioner as she supports each woman through the intense and transformative process of rebirthing her true identity.  Freyja also has training in aromatherapy, crystal therapy, and is a certified herbalist, certified reflexologist, Reiki Master and Psychosomatic Therapist. 

Mika was educated in engineering and physics as an adult, and has thirty years experience in the nuclear, medical and semiconductor industries. Mika has brought a unique perspective in her studies and research over the last twelve years into human sexuality, past and present, and how the history of sexuality relates to religion and cultural norms.  She brings his expertise and insights into today’s most leading edge holistic healing process.  Also a Reiki Master, Mika combines an analytical, philosophical approach with an intuitive nature for effective, synergistic results.

Mika and Freyja have drawn the best pieces from many different modalities, including Psychosomatic Therapy, Reiki, NLP, Crystal Therapy, Sound Medicine, Aromatherapy, EFT and others, and integrated them to create their own signature process, BodyMindSoul Emancipation™.  Their art is in the combining of their gifts in a way that expresses their passion for creating healing at a deep level and shifting society’s thinking around healthy sexuality and relationships. Together, they work with strong, motivated women and men to help them release stored emotions, shame, blocks and trauma so they can access their full power.  When you really embrace your capacity to experience pleasure at a deep level, you live life from a place of feeling tapped in, turned on and powerful…glowing!  


Experience for yourself the most powerful empowerment/healing process on the planet! Our revolutionary approach creates healing at the mind, body, and spirit levels, simultaneously...the result is PURE LIFE ALCHEMY!


The story of Inanna, ancient Sumerian Goddess, is about a journey into the underworld  and is symbolic of the journey each individual must take to reach wholeness. In this story, Inanna is not a complete person until she appears vulnerable before her shadow self, dies, and returns to life. The result of this journey is that Inanna, through her descent into darkness, the shedding of the outward appearances of her former self, confrontation with her “darkness”, death of who she was, and ultimate re-birth, is now a whole individual, fully aware. 


We must all, like Inanna, challenge ourselves, to go deeper, to face our ‘demons’ our traumas, resistance and pain head on, be willing to FEEL the stored pain and emotions so that we can release them, integrate our shadow and truly BE alive to our joy, our pleasure and our purpose. Our journey of personal growth and healing can be likened to physical death; our psyches journey to the darkness again and again and finally, merging with the light, the shadows disappear and we become wholly integrated.  Old ideas, old visions, and identities die; illusions are shattered, and are reborn. We rise up, like Inanna, aware of our vulnerabilities, and the strength created from them...


Guiding people into their shadow and releasing the subconscious belief in them that they are somehow less than they truly are, transmuting it and awakening within them the truth of their innocence and infinite, powerful beauty is our gift.


Our team consists of

heart centred, thoroughbred professionals who are here to guide you on your path to emancipation