Executive Mentor

Ateeya Manzoor

Ateeya is a unique curator of emerging conscious culture, and a connector between industry, finance, thought leadership and political change.

Ateeya has spearheaded enterprises at the C-Level in corporate finance, financial institutions, technology, law, hospitality, property development, engineering, mining, oil and gas and increasingly, the human potential industries. She is a Founder of Cognosco Noor, a full service management consulting agency for visionaries, thought leaders, philanthropists and political activists. 

Ateeya’s core gift is to fully realize potential, using her highly skilled intuitive gifts, bringing fresh perspective and new anchoring organization for businesses, non profits and high-performing individuals.

Ateeya attended York University for undergraduate studies in economics, political science and social work and is a Certified Risk Manager from the University of Toronto. She also holds several financial designations and is true a citizen of the world, having lived in Toronto, London, the Bahamas, Honolulu, Lahore, San Diego and Los Angeles. 

Ateeya's commitment to realizing hidden potential extends to her philanthropic work. Through numerous charitable causes and board and mentorship positions, she is committed to showing those who struggle that there is always a way to ascend. Through it all, she is happiest preparing large meals for loved ones, and cuddling with her dogs, Chewie and Lanikai, on a lazy Sunday.

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“Meeting Ateeya Manzoor was a defining moment in my professional career. Through her coaching, I was able to obtain the tools I needed to be well-prepared and confident for the world of entrepreneurship.” 


—  Sandeep Chera, CEO


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