Emancipation Retreat Intensives
Integrate Deep Healing & Self-Reverence

Experience for yourself the most powerfully transformational modality on the planet! Our revolutionary approach creates healing at the mind, body, and spirit levels, simultaneously...the result is


BodyMindSoul Emancipation™ (BMSE) is a hands-on experience that involves deep sustained bodywork to specific pressure points that store mental, emotional, physical, and energetic trauma.  We have drawn the best pieces from many different modalities, including Psychosomatic Therapy, Reiki, NLP, Crystal Therapy, Sound Medicine, Aromatherapy, EFT, Sekhem Energy and others, and integrated them to create our own signature process, BodyMindSoul Emancipation

When any type of emotional or physical trauma is experienced, it is stored on a body level and must be released from the body, mind and spirit at the same time. The unique combination of mental, emotional, energetic and physical release combined with the positive anchor of hands on sacred- sexual bodywork is extremely effective at creating new patterns in your life at an identity level. (Click here to learn more about freeing yourself from the trauma cycle)

Our BodyMindSoul Emancipation™ signature process creates a state of consciousness in which the limitations of your reality as you have known it falls away, allowing you to recreate a new reality that works better for your goals. In this heightened state of climax, you leave the planet, lose your old identity, and hand deliver your deepest desires and intentions directly to Source for rapid manifestation. Because the brain is wide open to new information in this heightened state, it is ideal for receiving positive suggestions and new identity level beliefs.

BodyMindSoul Emancipation™ is not Tantra, Surrogacy, or Oming. We honor all paths. We invite you to expect an experience with BodyMindSoul Emancipation that is unique in every way. If you’re looking for the deepest, most intense, most profound healing modality available, with the fastest results, then your guidance here is no accident.  BodyMindSoul Emancipation is a deep, high level rite of passage. 


What kind of transformational results can you expect to create during this retreat?

  • Step into your true power.

  • Release shame and blocks.

  • Release/heal abuse and trauma of all kinds...all abuse is abuse of power.

  • 'Re-member' the essence of who you truly are and fall in love with that 

  • Align yourself with the path of Sacred Self-Reverence and learn to make your decisions from the space of holding yourself in the highest regard.

  • Learn how you can magnetize an aligned life partner.

  • Find levels of intimacy you never thought were possible with your life partner(s).

  • Access levels of pleasure you never thought were possible, and learn how to use that energy for manifestation/creation in your daily life.

  • Get in touch with the next level of your life purpose through accessing your authentic expression and desires.

  • Activate your higher consciousness to access your intuition.

  • Learn to identify and manage the Ego voice that says you can’t, and tap into the voice of your higher self for guidance at all times.

  • Reprogram your limiting beliefs at the subconscious level.

  • Your entire life will make sense with a new level of clarity.

  • Learn and implement simple tools for Living Life in Joy and Blissfulness!

This is NOT for you if:

  • you’re looking for the slow, easy-going progression towards healing;

  • you're not ready to own your results;

  • you see yourself as a victim, powerless to create significant change in your life;

  • you're not ready to fully engage in your own healing process;

  • you are too afraid to face your 'demons'

  • you want someone else to do the work for you.

This IS for you if:

  • you are really, truly ready for the results you deserve;

  • you're done with fucking around with the little stuff that is holding you back and keeping you from the relationships, the success, the passion you desire in your life and fully experiencing your capacity for pleasure

  • you're fully committed to creating swift, powerful, lasting change in your life and to doing whatever it takes, no matter what!

BodyMindSoul Emancipation Sacred Retreats 

(individual or couple's retreats)


Our clients experience a combination of various modalities including energy work, body work and NLP/hypnotherapy techniques, and a separate Psychosomatic Therapy BodyMind Analysis and Realignment session. These sessions move a LOT of energy. Be prepared to create amazing breakthroughs and to release the energetic blocks, shame, and trauma that are holding the client back from reaching her/his full potential in business, relationships and creativity. This process will also reprogram the individual's subconscious to be open to receiving the gifts of love, joy, success and abundance the universe has in store. These sessions include the use of hands-on sacred sexual bodywork and deep nurturing to create amazing energetic shifts and new 'programming' on a cellular level. Central to this process is the ability to connect with and live her/his life purpose.  When one is on her/his life purpose the universe will provide!

We offer our retreat intensive services at a couple of different locations in North America based on demand and locations of our various clients as well as venue availability.


Occasionally, we are able to offer a truly authentic Costa Rican mountain retreat experience. You are met at the airport by our driver who will bring you directly to us, and return you to the airport afterwards.  Accommodations with us include lodging and breakfasts nearby, nestled in the tranquil mountain pueblo of Chimeról de Rivas, Costa Rica, where the air and water are clean and pure, the rivers are pristine and the jungle is vital and pulsating with the heartbeat of Sacred Mother Earth. Your sessions will be held in a custom-built healing room attached to our home and your sessions will be accompanied by the relaxing sounds of the nearby Chirripó river. You are free to eat an additional lunch and dinner provided by us, or you can opt to sample the variety of possibilities offered by the local restaurants, that serve the international tourists who come to this area. The beautiful paths and seating areas around the finca are also wonderful places to aid in your integration and meditation. The beaches of Dominical and Uvita are about a 90 minute drive away.

Contact Us to arrange a personalized phone call to learn if 'BodyMindSoul Emancipation' is the next step in creating your powerful transformation and stepping into the life of your dreams!

Our retreat intensive programs include one of our online intensive programs chosen based on your preferred gender.  You can check out the details of our online programs below.

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