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Decompression Sessions

with Freyja Inanna - Mental Health Advocate, Psychosomatic Therapist

"Who am I?"  

"Why am I here?"


"How do I make sense of all the conflicting information, beliefs, opinions and the feelings, stress and pain in my own body and find peace within MYSELF?"

"Who was I before I became who the world told me to be?" (Untamed - Glennon Doyle)


So often, the answers to these essential questions elude us at the best of times.  


In these times of chaos, isolation and uncertainty it is even more important to feel at peace and safe in your body, grounded into the wisdom of who you are, and in integrity with your own authentic expression and purpose.  To discover the answers to these questions, one must decompress and release the heavy weight of everything they are not.  On the other side of this are the answers…the inner peace and groundedness they have been searching for.


To facilitate this process, I am offering a safe container, where you can let your hair down, speak openly in a non-judgemental and compassionate space.  When one has been confined to an environment that dictates what they ‘should’ think, behave, do, and literally who they must be to be considered a ‘good and productive’ person in the world, it can be a confusing and even terrifying experience to no know what is even possible outside of that environment, while also having that inner voice repeatedly ringing in your awareness saying “something is off.”  The subtle repeated and conflicting messaging that you are simultaneously “too much” and yet never “enough” is devastating and weighs heavily on those who value integrity.


If this is you, I am here. 


I’ve been you.  

~Freyja Inanna


To schedule a private 60 minute Decompression Session with Freyja Inanna, fill out an application form and choose a time through the button below…the first session is complimentary.