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Emancipation Practitioner Intensive
Transformational Training Program

Would you like to be a part of the most powerful healing process on the planet?  

Healing is a ‘bottom-up’ process – it happens on the individual level, and it can only happen on that level. Healing work is a sacred, intuitive process, and it’s the way to truly create change in the world. This past year, we have started training practitioners in our proprietary healing process, “BodyMindSoul Emancipation,” and we are sooooo excited!  There are many more people in this world who need the kind of deep, hands-on, healing this process creates than we can possibly work with individually, on our own. We can better serve the process of healing by creating more healers to take their gifts to the world.


Our program creates healed healers who work with people directly, in person, in order to create truly massive transformation. And when we say transformation, we mean it. This isn’t a gradual process meant to make clients feel better about their trauma, and maybe ‘some day’ move past them. This is a process that yields instant results along with continuing results as they integrate the healing (including the tools you’ve given them for further healing) into their lives. This is a program that has a beginning and an end, not something you keep coming back to for short-term relief. This is life-changing and thus world-changing.


If you feel called to what we offer, contact us, and let’s see how we can work with you to integrate our process and program into your own gifts and talents so that you can integrate it all into your own, unique contribution to healing the world.


This is our purpose and our passion.


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Some Testimonials:


Niki Kissell – June 2, 2017 – Florida



“This experience was so mind-blowingly transformational I hardly know where to start. When Freyja first told me that this is the most powerful healing modality she had ever encountered, I was intrigued, but doubtful. As a healer and teacher myself, I have encountered a lot of powerful modalities, but this blew them all away. These beautiful people created such a safe and nurturing space that I was able access and heal parts of myself that I never knew existed. I connected with my inner Goddess to an extent that went far beyond anything I had ever achieved. For anyone considering this life-changing experience, all I can say is YES!!!”


LeighAnn Wyler Draper – December 29, 2019 - Utah

“Healing is a Lifestyle Choice" 

I have been dealing with fibromyalgia flare-ups for 15+ years as well as interstitial cystitis. 
Both have always been linked to the repression of locked up unhealed emotions, anger being at the top of list. 

Doing work with Freyja and Mika brought me so much relief. The work is very intense but so worth it. Learning tools to assist me to continue to heal the wounds… Priceless! 
Creating awareness is the first step to self-healing. Creating awareness and releasing the root emotional basis is a lifestyle choice. 

I highly encourage anybody to check out the programs offered, especially the Intensive Retreat programs.”


Meri Lundahl – August 26, 2019 - Finland

Huge Power & Equally Huge Surrendering Capacity

Just reflected on what is different about me after The Self-Revering Woman program and I would summarise it:

I look at myself with awe and love, as a sacred being, without need to change or be something for somebody else, like I was work of nature and art together. It’s like I see myself more with the same tenderness that I apply when relating to others. But, in addition, there’s the access to all the emotional and sensual experience inside. The feeling of huge power and equally huge surrendering capacity.”


Venus Jones - 1/21/19 – London, UK

“The Magic is Very Present

Thank you so much Freyja. I feel the power. The magic is very present and it feels so right to be starting this journey with you. I can finally let go now. I'm so grateful to you, for I felt your belief in me from the get go and I'm so proud of myself for staying committed and making the investment in me. The new beginning I've been praying for has begun. 


My new life starts here!”

Contact Us to arrange a personalized phone call to learn more if your are drawn to sharing this powerful healing with others and creating real and lasting change in the world!