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Fundamentalist Mormon Polygamist, Nurse, Midwife


So much growth, beginning IOH


Joyful, Loving, Free, on Life Purpose

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This confidential Goddess Conclave is an opportunity for open minded, adventurous women (and women, only) to discuss and learn more about tapping into desire, pleasure, and passion. Join us to receive support in healing and expansion and for a place to ask questions, and participate in authentic expression from the heart. We will share insights and experiences around sexuality and desire, relationships (including all relationship structures), healing and other topics of interest. This is a safe space for support and open conversation. Opportunities for learning will be offered and all views, orientations, and spiritual paths respected…

Professional reviews for Freyja:

YES! Freyja is the real deal. She has it all - brilliance, medical experience, off-the-charts intuition, deep compassion, fearless truth-telling, vulnerability, gentleness, a mother's heart, a warrior spirit and  the grit to go after the shiniest-lovingest-richest-most aware life possible. I love you Freyja <3 All you are and all you're becoming!!

From Lee Irwin - 7/28/2018

If you still want Explosive Sexual Healing sessions, I couldn't recommend Michael and Freyja more as practitioners. 

Just look at how they were able to use the modality for themselves to transform everything in just a few years. 


Have you ever seen a shift this big? That isn't a rhetorical question. This is crazy...


They have a deep understanding of timeline hopping and multidimensional upgrades. 


What do you see when you look at someone like she used to be? Do you see someone who is going to break out of a life that isn't going anywhere to create something better for her 11 kids? Do you see someone who then becomes a freaking Explosive Sexual Healing practitioner to be able to help other women?


How much respect can we give this amazing woman? If only everyone on the planet had the strength and resolve she does. But since they don't, it makes people like Freyja stand out that's much more. 


She knows what she's doing, I think...

From Ben Rode (the creator of Explosive Sexual Healing) 7/28/2018