Freyja Inanna

Freyja Inanna is a trauma informed mental health professional, registered OBGYN nurse, and cofounder of the Inanna Sanctuary.

Born in a small farming town in rural western Canada, Freyja was raised in a polygamist community where her marriage was arranged at the tender age of 15 to the 25 year leader. Her marriage yield 12 children. In spite of her life of 
restriction, repression, and self-denial, Freyja's spirit prevailed.


Freyja was drawn to the healing arts in various forms throughout her career. In addition to pursuing studies in nursing, she sought out certifications in midwifery, herbology, aromatherapy, reiki, crystal healing, somatic release therapy, sound healing, EFT, Sekhem Energy Healing, Psychosomatic Therapy and more.


Freyja's own journey to seek emancipation from the community led her to many trainings and programs. In 2010, she met her now partner, Mika, at a workshop. Their friendship led her to self-actualize and chose out of her life of bondage. A year later, Freyja and Mika were in love, married and moved to Utah. The couple has since lived on majestic Oregon coast, the tropical gulf coast of Florida and the lush mountain jungles of Costa Rica.

Freyja and Mika live in the rocky mountains of British Columbia, Canada and are the doting parents of their bi-racial son, Damian.

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Freyja's Transformation in Photos


Mormon Polygamist


Joyful, Loving, Free

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Grounded in Purpose

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“I felt absolutely held with love and respect which helped me let go, and go deep. Deeper than I’ve ever allowed myself to go to access some of the most hidden wounds that needed healing.” 


—  Barbara Santen, Relationship Coach


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