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Freyja Inanna

I AM Freyja Inanna, formerly Christina Blackmore, the second wife of a polygamist leader for 28 years until leaving over seven years ago...I've never looked back!


Born and raised in a small farming town in Southern Alberta, Canada, given in an arranged marriage at age 15 to the 25 year old man in a polygamist community in British Columbia, who eventually became the leader of that same community, I began life in a place of restriction, repression, and self-denial. In spite of these limitations I became a registered OBGYN nurse and registered midwife, delivering hundreds of babies.  As a certified herbalist, I brought the knowledge and benefits of herbal medicine and aromatherapy to a community that was resistant to such things; I became a reiki practitioner and studied crystals and other energy healing modalities, in spite of the fact that they were not seen as valid forms of healing within the church and I was jokingly referred to as a witch.  I am the proud mother of thirteen beautiful children, twelve while still a polygamist.  


I experienced my spiritual awakening in 2010, through an experiential training program I attended. This training altogether lasted a year, and during this process, I chose out of the repressive, self-limiting beliefs I had been raised on, left my polygamist relationship and contemplated what I desired to create in my life…I knew what I DIDN’T want but needed to be clear on what I DID want.  Two months later wrote in my journal the kind of deep meaningful relationship I deserved and desired to have in my life with a strong focus on how that would FEEL. Two weeks later, Mika asked me out and it was like he had appeared off the page of my journal!  The following summer we married and I moved, with the six children I still had at home, to be with him in Utah and began a new life of freedom, fulfillment, growth and joy. Since then, we have continued to grow, learn, and develop our talents and gifts and have enjoyed the beauty of living and traveling on the majestic, rugged Oregon coast and the sunny, tropical Florida gulf coast, the tranquil, lush mountain jungles of Costa Rica and the majestic Rocky Mountains of British Columbia, Canada. We have drawn the best pieces from many different modalities, including Psychosomatic Therapy, Reiki, NLP, Crystal Therapy, Sound Medicine, Aromatherapy, EFT, Sekhem Energy and others, and integrated them to create our own signature process, BodyMindSoul Emancipation™.  We are now both experienced practitioners and trainers and are living our life purpose of empowering others to heal themselves and step into their power as the joyful authentically expressed beings they were born to be.


At times, we have expanded our relationship to include another man in a committed triad relationship, which has been a beautiful experience in many ways and taught us lessons about what does and does NOT work for us in a relationship. In any relationship, you can create the most amazing deeply intimate relationship possible if each person is willing to do whatever it takes to create the vulnerability and connection desired.  If one partner is not willing to do the work to raise their vibration, the lowest vote always wins, or the relationship ends.  Conversely, when each partner is actively engaged in becoming the best possible version of themselves and supporting the other to do likewise, they act as catalysts for each other's growth, empowerment and alignment with life purpose.  These lessons have served us well in making us even better mentors to the amazing clients we are blessed to serve.  We have also been blessed with a beautiful bi-racial child who is love and joy embodied…he creates bridges of love and unity and will always be connected with his divine being and inner power! 


Currently I am living with my partner, Mika, and our youngest child and operating our business (Inanna Sanctuary LLC) in partnership with Mika. Together we create transformational results with strong, motivated women and men to help them release their blocks, shame and trauma so they can tap into their pleasure and access their full power. I feel drawn to share my story and our transformational work with the intention of creating deep shifts and empowerment in others by inspiring them that they, too, can reclaim their power, be fully connected to life purpose and living life orgasmically! 


BodyMindSoul Emancipation (BMSE) combines Eastern philosophies, modern science and ancient sacred initiation/healing ritual to create the most transformational healing modality on the planet. BMSE is a very effective method of rapidly getting you in touch with your authentic being, the very core of who you are. You fall in love with yourself for the first time. You rebirth your true identity, and in all my experience as a midwife I can assure you it’s just as intense and just as powerful as your birth into this world! We love what we do and are so honored to witness the miracles of deep release and integration with powerful transformation that occur in in the amazing, beautiful people whose lives we are meant to touch.  We are here to create peace, joy, and freedom in this world!

Freyja Inanna is a published writer for Thought Catalog. 

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We are excited to announce Freyja's interview with Theresa Sgobba of Ownstream...

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Fundamentalist Mormon Polygamist, Nurse, Midwife


Joyful, Loving, Free, on Life Purpose

Professional review for Freyja:

YES! Freyja is the real deal. She has it all - brilliance, medical experience, off-the-charts intuition, deep compassion, fearless truth-telling, vulnerability, gentleness, a mother's heart, a warrior spirit and  the grit to go after the shiniest-lovingest-richest-most aware life possible. I love you Freyja <3 All you are and all you're becoming!!

From Lee Irwin - 7/28/2018

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