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Mika Inanna

I AM Mika Inanna. I was born and raised in Miami, Florida. I was two years old when my parents converted to the Mormon religion, and I was raised in that environment. For me, what this meant was that my life focus was on becoming someone I was not, denying some of my most basic needs, and accepting a disconnect between myself and divinity. In addition to adopting my parents’ religion, I adopted my father’s career. I was successful as an engineer, serving with the US Navy Nuclear Power program, working at nuclear facilities at two national laboratories, and eventually working with radiation oncology equipment used to treat cancer patients. I loved working on the equipment, but looking back, I can see a progression from removing the faults that kept equipment from functioning properly, to where I am now, where I remove the blocks that keep people from functioning at their highest potential.


At around 35 years old, something gave out. At a deep, fundamental level, I had had enough. I didn’t quite realize it at the time, but it was not an end. I was finally beginning. I likened it, at the time, as if the building blocks of my life had suddenly collapsed. As I began rebuilding my new life, I carefully examined each block and decided if it would be coming with me moving forward. This process eventually led to me attended a life-changing experiential program, where I met Freyja. From there my life continued to shift into matters of spiritual expansion, personal growth, healing with Reiki, etc. BodyMindSoul Emancipation™ was my next leveling up, and it is a keystone on a life that has shifted steadily into connecting with who I am and stepping into my life purpose.

My Personal Transformation Photos


Electrical Engineer, thrice divorced, recovering ex-mormon


So much growth, beginning to heal


Joyful, Loving, Free, on Life Purpose

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