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Mika Inanna

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Mika Inanna is a trauma release facilitator, creative designer, tech geek and cofounder of Inanna Sanctuary.


Born and raised in Miami, Florida, she was two years old when her parents converted to the Mormon religion, and so she was raised in that environment. Her early life focus was on striving to become someone she was not, denying her most basic needs, and normalizing a deep disconnect between herself and divinity.


In addition to adopting her parents’ religion, she adopted her father’s career. She found success as an engineer, serving with the US Navy Nuclear Power program, working at nuclear facilities at two national laboratories, and eventually working with radiation oncology equipment used to treat cancer patients. While she enjoyed working on the equipment, her life work gradually progressed from removing the faults that kept equipment from functioning properly, to removing the blocks that keep people from functioning at their highest potential.


At around 35 years old, something gave out in her. At a deep, fundamental level, she had had enough. This ending of the old was the opening of the path to the new. To her, it felt like the building blocks of her life had suddenly collapsed. As she began rebuilding her new life, she carefully examined each block, deciding if it would be coming with her going forward. This process eventually led to her attending a life-changing experiential program, where she met Freyja. From there, her life continued to shift into matters of spiritual expansion, personal growth, energetic healing, etc. BodyMindSoul Emancipation™ was her next leveling up, and it is a keystone on a life that continues to shift steadily into connecting with authenticity and life purpose.

Mika's Transformation in Photos

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Joyful, Loving, Free


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“I felt absolutely held with love and respect which helped me let go, and go deep. Deeper than I’ve ever allowed myself to go to access some of the most hidden wounds that needed healing.” 


—  Barbara Santen, Relationship Coach