Learning To Be Human

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

When our children come into this world we greet them with joy and gratitude, excited about their future and how we can shape that for them. And then, as a society, we start to lie to them about what it is to be human.

We tell them that they are too much — that their emotions must be suppressed, their passion muted, their voices restrained. We call them “bad” or “good” depending on whether they are pleasing in the moment, and teach them that others determine their worth. Time after time, we give them the message that love is conditional and must be earned. “Shame on you!” we declare, as if casting a spell of guilt, a cloak they must don and wear until completing some elusive penance.

And then we start indoctrinating them into the cult of disconnection. Divinity wears a beard and resides in the sky, and to experience it, they must go to a building, read a book, obey a list of commands, chant, kneel, submit, memorize, prostrate, fear, and maybe maybe maybe maybe, when they die, if they did it all just right, they will get to connect again with this aloof, judgmental, stern, know-it-all, ultimate symbol of conditional love.

But first they must know the pain of disconnection. Withhold love, teach them that all love comes from others and is earned. Explain to them that others who look different are not like them, not good enough, righteous enough or the “right” color. They mustn’t talk to the “scary” man in the checkout line, don’t play with that child from the wrong family; that person’s beliefs are insane, his parents voted for the wrong person, fear, fear, fear, for life and soul and country. And for God’s sake, they must not look within for their answers, their connection, their worth!! Who the hell do they think they are?? Their knowing, their natural, built-in joy, their connection to source must all be given up for the hope of joy and connection when they die.

We take their joy and give them hell. We take their connection and give them loneliness. We accept their sweet, loving arms around our necks and teach them that they’ll never be good enough for unconditional love.

This is how we teach them to be human.

It’s not our job to teach children to be human. It’s our job to learn from THEM how to be divine again. They are our best and greatest example of pure joy and love. They know their worth when they come to us. They know no guilt or shame, and their greatest desire is to give and receive love freely. They are the answer to a world full of hatred, death, judgment, killing and unrestrained ego. Love like a child, see others through the eyes of a child, live joyfully like a child. Our inner child is still within us, hiding, dazed, confused, frankly quite blown away with what happened when it arrived, but ready to step out and play in fields of green once more.

Forget the bearded men, whether living in clouds or riding sleighs. Give up the lies of separation and conditional love. All these are constructs of ego. None of it exists. We are all one and love is abundant, surrounds us, and is free. It’s time to start playing together again.

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