I Am the Center of the Universe. (And So Are You!)

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

In a recent discussion with a client and friend, the topic shifted to young children and what they teach us about being human. She pointed out that young children tend to basically believe that their existence is all about them. They get hungry, they cry, they get fed. If it gets cold, they get a blanket. All their needs are met quickly and thoroughly, and they even come with hugs, cuddles, and playtime! Gradually, however, they are taught that the world exists independent of their desires, and they must come to terms with this, give up their childish self-absorption, and move on to being a normal adult. “The world doesn’t revolve around you! Get over it!”

All of this is a part of growing up as a healthy adult, right? I propose another way of looking at this: That in fact, we are doing our children a disservice with this approach.

Fundamentally, this view that there is an objective world independent of our perception of it is a view based on an older science, and a perception of reality that is falling into obsolescence. Modern science offers a new explanation for reality and our relationship with the universe. It turns out that, in a very real sense, the world really does revolve around us. In fact, all reality does. One of the first times science stumbled across this new way of looking at things was when attempting to observe light energy. Scientists found that if they look at light using one method, it showed up as waves. Looking at it using another way, it acted like particles. Is it a wave or is it a particle. Um….both it seems. Or neither. It’s behavior is dependent on how you look at it. You, the observer, determine the behavior of light. Weird! From there, with the behavior of subatomic particles (which don’t have an actual location, just a probabilistic range of locations that collapse when – you guessed it – you look at it!), and with experiments where scientists were able to influence the results simply by setting an intention! WTF!

Older science did not like this one bit. Thoughtful people, however, began to explore the implications of a world that we can, seemingly by magic, modify with our will, or even simply looking at it. Some of these people began to notice a strong correlation with this new science and some very old mystical teachings. The biggest names in theoretical physics began to read some very old texts, and after a long, acrimonious separation, science and mysticism made up and decided to get remarried. By separation, I mean that if you go back a far enough, you soon find that scientists used to have a connection with the spiritual domain that gradually fell out of favor. The best scientists up to Newton’s time (including Newton, himself!) were alchemists, a rather interesting mix of the science and spirituality of its own.

History lesson aside, what we find is that adults are now striving to accept that they have direct, one-on-one, even God-like capabilities that they’ve never allowed themselves to acknowledge! After a lifetime of being socialized into the opposite idea, this is not an easy concept to accept! If we can demonstrate in a lab that our will and observation affects reality on the microscopic level, what effects do we have on the macroscopic level?

There is growing consensus from psychology, business coaches, life coaches and advocates of New Age movements (ie: The Secret) that we absolutely create the world that we live in. On a moment-by-moment, literal, consistent basis, it’s the thoughts we have, the beliefs we hold, and the habits we carry that manifest our daily reality. Overcoming a lifetime of being taught the exact opposite is the biggest challenge for people trying to apply this new/old concept in a practical way.

So, is believing that the world revolves around me going to turn me into a self-absorbed jerk? Only if I want to create and experience a world where I am a self-absorbed jerk. If I’d rather live in a world where I love and am loved, then I’m going to have to create that!

Instead of teaching our children that they are not the center of their reality, maybe we can give them guidance on owning their divine power over reality and teaching them to create the world of their dreams? Instead of a world of helpless, hopeless, disempowered beings, I rather like the idea of sharing my reality with other empowered, manifesting reality creators, all focused on making a reality full of, oh, I dunno, maybe peace, tranquility and beauty?

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