Your Ego Just F#*king WON!

Have you ever felt divinely guided to do something that you KNEW would expand and open you up to the amazing realms of power and create deep healing within you? Have you met a teacher, mentor or healer through some synchronistic chain of events and had that knowing “I am supposed to work with her/him” and felt that what they offered was the next step to creating the powerful transformation you are seeking? When you had that feeling, did you act on it, or did you listen to your ego as it came up with all the reasons and excuses why you “couldn’t” or “shouldn’t” move forward…at least not right now?

Well, if you chose the latter, your ego just f#*king won! You see, the ego doesn’t like change…especially not the sort of change that threatens its very existence. It will tell you ANYTHING to prevent you from engaging in any program or course of action that doesn’t feel ‘safe’ to the ego. Any truly transformational program that creates life changing results is going to require a death of the ego, and since the ego does not understand the concept of rebirth, it just knows it’s going to die…hence the struggle to keep you in a space of being ‘comfortable’ even if that is a very disempowered and miserable existence. It is comfortable because it is familiar.

We see this happen over and over with potential clients…they find us in ways that cannot be coincidence and they KNOW they have so much to gain from our program and can FEEL the power of it! In nearly every case, if they don’t choose in immediately and make a commitment of energy (money), the ego steps in with all its stories, reasons and excuses why they shouldn’t step into this course of action and they get side tracked by life, scared, or fall into spiritual bypass. “I just don’t have the money”…”I am just too busy right now, I’ll get to it later”…”I need to focus on my children/husband”…and my favourite, “spirit says it’s just not the right time.”

Here’s the thing…the “right time” is never going to fucking happen! There will always be something or someone else that is more important, more deserving or higher priority than you and your personal growth until YOU choose into YOU! Years will go by and nothing will change in the ways you most deeply desire. Your ego will make sure of that.

I recently had one woman look at me incredulously when I explained that when people don’t choose in right away their ego’s convince them not to follow through and then it never happens…”This seems like something that would be hard to forget!” One would think so, but they do. We had so much value to offer, not the least of which was releasing the deep pain and trauma that had disconnected her from being able to experience her pleasure for years and reconnection with that which would deeply enhance her current relationship. A couple of weeks later that same woman responded that she is so busy that she is unable to commit in the near future, ”…perhaps at a later time.”

What each of us really wants is to be fully seen, felt, heard…fully expressed as all of who we are and loved for all of that! If your ego, in conjunction with your subconscious beliefs, is consistently telling you that you are unworthy of this, selfish for wanting this, don’t have time, money and/or support to achieve this or that it’s NOT SAFE to be SEEN or speak your TRUTH, then it’s about damn time that you love yourself enough to take that leap of faith into your fear and finally CHOOSE YOU! Use fear as your compass…let it guide you in the direction that will create your greatest expansion, discovery of who you truly are, and, YES, change! …or you can let your ego choose, in which case, your ego just fucking won!

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