Dare to Dream...Dream BIG...Be Magical!

“Imagine there's no countries It isn't hard to do Nothing to kill or die for And no religion, too Imagine all the people - living life in peace, you

You may say I'm a dreamer But I'm not the only one I hope some day you'll join us And the world will be as one”

John Lennon

It is through the dreamers in this world that the impossible becomes reality!

When we speak something out loud, we create magic; we begin to manifest that thought…that dream, that possibility into being! When we choose to share our gifts with the world, we touch the hearts and lives of others in ways we cannot even begin to comprehend. John Lennon’s dream, which he dared to share with the world, lives on long beyond his mortal existence and continues to resonate throughout the world, touching and opening people’s hearts to that possibility of peace. Through his words and music they FEEL it! Once we actually feel the real possibility of something, it creates hope…hope sets action into motion and then we become UNSTOPPABLE!

I have a dream…imagine a dream where women stand in their feminine power as nurturing, compassionate Queens, and where men show up as powerful Kings, protecting and supporting the women in their lives, thereby, creating peace on Earth. Imagine a world where our children grow up being taught to embody the essence of who they truly are, a world where peace and prosperity are universal. Imagine a world where sensuality and pleasure are accepted and embraced as an essential part of life; and where the act of sexual union is viewed as beautiful, powerful and sacred!

We are creating that dream as reality, one person at a time. We create this through the healing work we do and the messages we share - guiding those who’s lives WE are meant to touch and transform, as they step fully into the authenticity of who they truly are and reclaim their power and FREEDOM! By doing so, each of us gives those around us permission to do the same, and our ripple becomes great. Have the courage to take that leap into creating your dreams…choose into YOU! The time is NOW!

Yes, there are dream killers out there…well meaning friends and family members who will try to convince you that you are being unrealistic and will never succeed by following your dreams. There are times when it is wise NOT to share your dream with those people until you have begun to manifest them - otherwise their negativity will begin to create seeds of doubt within you. It is YOUR knowing and YOUR passion that you must focus on; never giving up on your dream no matter what; pushing through the testing and perceived ‘failures’ creates your ultimate success!

This world needs you! There are people waiting for you, praying for you, to SHOW UP with your unique gifts, fully expressed, so that you can BE the change you are meant to create in this world! We are here to affect the lives of those around us, and when you hold back, when you hide your light, those people whose lives you are meant to touch can’t SEE YOU! So DARE to dream your dream…BE SEEN as all of who you are…DREAM BIG and LIVE that dream! Create MAGIC!!!

#dreams #Consciousness #Freedom

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