Our Commitment, Our Passion, Our Mission

In 9 days we board an aircraft at Miami International Airport and depart the US for our new home in Costa Rica. Our 6 pieces of checked luggage and 3 pieces of carry-on (for Freyja, Damian, and I) will be all we bring with us, and will constitute, at that time, nearly all our possessions. Between now and the day we depart, we will finish the process we started two weeks ago – the liquidation of everything else that we own. With the exception of just a few items we will leave with a friend (to pick up the next time we pass through the area), everything else must go. We have already sold nearly all our furniture, and a great deal of our smaller items in the first of two garage sale weekends. We have a thrift store bringing a truck the day before we depart to pick up everything we are unable to sell, and then we will be lean, mean and highly mobile. We set the intention to relocate our retreat center to Costa Rica, and we are nearly complete.

This is our commitment.

Two days ago, the last clients we will be working with in our Florida retreat center arrived, and we began creating magic and miracles and powerful, transformational healing. After a short lull since our last clients, diving into the amazing work with this delightful couple grounded us once again into our life’s purpose and our passion – healing the earth by partnering with our fellow Goddesses and Sacred Warriors to create their perfect healing experiences. Any doubts, any discouragement, any negativity evaporates before the cleansing fire of the Integrative Orgasmic Healing process. There is no more powerful modality currently on the planet, and we are incredibly honored to be included in the select few practitioners currently involved in this amazing work.

This is our passion.

We are about growth. We are about transformation. We go hard, go deep and are all in. We are fully committed to the partnerships we create with our perfect clients in burning, churning and shredding the shame, the trauma, the scripts and the crusty, dusty bullshit stored over a lifetime. Our clients are done with it. They are sick of being sick and tired. They are energized and committed and fully engaged in clearing and purging the toxic, noxious, life-robbing, energy-stealing, completely unnecessary legacy of a world committed to shutting us down, robbing us of our creativity, keeping us from our birthright of joy, passion, and success. We rebirth the Goddesses and the Sacred Warriors of the world. We free them from their prisons. We throw open the shutters and release them to bask in the light. We are fierce and passionate and relentless in this pursuit. We co-create fellow travelers to bring on the shift.

This is our mission.

Join us in our labor of love. Come dance with us the irresistible dance of freedom. Share with us your healing process as we share with you our experience and

passion in holding you powerfully in your excellence. Let’s transform the world by transforming ourselves. Let’s heal the world by healing ourselves. Usher in change by being change. Then take what we create together and step into creating your own perfect world, energized, bold, fearless!

#TheShift #Transformation #Healing #Freedom #IntegrativeOrgasmicHealing

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