Letting Go...

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

Right now is a time for letting go…letting go on so many levels! Releasing so that old energy is cleared, creating space for the new more aligned energy to flow in. Letting go of things…starting over. Releasing old places, old belongings, old identities…old ideas and attachments that are blocking the inflow of growth and abundance that the universe is just waiting for us to receive! We have recently sold and given away nearly everything we owned and relocated, with only a few suitcases of our belongings, to beautiful Costa Rica. All this so we can be fully in alignment with the energy of our life purpose of creating deep, transformational healing on this planet.

We have felt drawn to Costa Rica for the last two years, and knew this was our ultimate destination even before we moved to Florida 14 months ago. We also knew that we were supposed to be on the Florida Gulf coast for a time and so we went there first. It has been an amazing journey! We have met wonderful people, worked with so many amazing clients, who we might never have met had we not gone there first…it was our perfect path. We have been honored to witness so many miracles of deep healing and transformation in those whose lives we were destined to touch and who have blessed our lives and become dear friends.

Last Christmas, we set a timeline to leave for Costa Rica when our rental contract was up at the end of June, as the energy was guiding us that our purpose in Florida was coming to a close. It was time to move forward into the next level of our growth and expansion. The flow of new clients there slowed to a mere trickle until we shifted our energy and actually listened to the messages from our guides reminding us it was time to go. We began drawing in clients who were happy to come to Costa Rica should we create our relocation before they had completed their programs! Then our egos jumped in…we had to save up a certain amount of money first…we had to have the clients all lined up…we had to…… So, we decided to wait till September…or the end of the year at the very latest… well, at the rate of our expenses there in Florida, it was never going to happen!

Then the universe stepped in! We received notice from our landlords on June 1st, that they were selling the house and so would not be renewing our lease and must be out by June 30th…wow! The universe had just given us a date…holding us to our word. Our egos were screaming! Holy shit! Well, like we tell our clients, the breakdown comes before the breakthrough, and there was a breakdown so big and so intense that Jen Rode felt it from Costa Rica and gave us a call…she was our angel that day with some powerful encouragement and coaching, and now, here we are in Costa Rica. We made it! We are so blessed, and we know the universe has our backs…even when it feels like free fall. Trust, commit, surrender…just like we tell our clients! We are currently in a beautiful little rustic cabin in the jungle with no vehicle as yet, in a tiny town of mostly Spanish speaking people (time to learn Spanish). It’s our little piece of Heaven on Earth and a truly magical place!

We are open. We release our attachment to how the universe will bring in our clients and where they will come from. We let go of all past contracts and agreements made so that attachment to those commitments being fulfilled doesn’t get in the way of us receiving the energy of flow from the universe in any way that serves the highest good of all. We also release all limiting beliefs around money and recognize that money is just energy. We have discovered that, the more our clients pay for our program, the more committed they are and the more powerful the results they receive in co-creation with us! This is all part of the natural flow of giving and receiving. Balance…the Universe is always creating balance.

Letting go…

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