When Ego Masculine Meets Goddess

Have you noticed that, when a woman steps into her feminine power, embodies her sexuality and claims her pleasure, other women are the first to point the accusing finger of shame at her? It is other women who accuse her of being a ‘slut’ or a ‘bitch’ and try to drag her back into the black hole of the patriarchal energy of female subservience, misogyny and fear. These women have bought into the patriarchal mindset that a powerful, sexual woman is something to be despised, repressed and feared…she is competition!

Why? Simple…because, to survive, the patriarchy needs women to fear each other. A woman in her sexual goddess energy is powerful, and women united in their power are unstoppable!

So, women, how do you show up in all of this? Notice your reactions…your thoughts…when you see a woman dressed in a way that accentuates her beauty and sexuality. Do react negatively or positively? Do you admire her and acknowledge her beauty or do you think, or say, “she’s asking for it!” Do you judge the woman or girl who was raped and think or say, “if she hadn’t dressed that way it wouldn’t have happened” or “she must have encouraged him” or “she’s lying”? When you see a woman who is lit up and joyful in her sexual freedom do you feel intimidated and/or jealous? If so, go deep inside and ask yourself, what do I really fear? Notice the disempowering beliefs and scripts that come up. When you see a woman with her partner, obviously in love, and both demonstrating their affection for each other, how do you react on a body level? Are you delighted and happy for them? Or do you think, “get a room” or something equally as negative? Are you jealous?

See, here’s the thing. If you are reacting negatively or with jealousy in any of these ways, you are energetically repelling that power, that pleasure, that beautiful, intimate relationship from coming into YOUR life! Furthermore, if you are pointing the finger of shame at other women and holding them in judgment, YOU ARE the patriarchy! YOU are perpetuating the misogyny and rape culture we live in! YOU are the reason you have to teach your daughters how to avoid being raped instead of teaching your sons not to rape! How degrading it is to teach young men/boys that they have no control over their base desires - that how a girl dresses gives them an excuse! I call BULLSHIT!

Is this triggering you? If so, GOOD! That is good news because being triggered creates the possibility of seeing things in a new way…it’s an opportunity for expansion. It’s an opportunity to create deep healing and release the energetic blocks and self-limiting beliefs that have been preventing you from realizing your dreams and creating the beautiful, powerful connection you deserve with your true inner self and with your perfect partner, and especially with your sister goddesses. Goddesses UNITE! There is STRENGTH in unity! When you see your sister struggling, be there to lift her up when she is ready to fly. When a woman is in her power and joy, celebrate with her! Encourage her to BE ALL of who she is and LOVE herself as a divine being of light. We are all divine, powerful creators…we have just forgotten. Women, reclaim your power AND your pleasure as an essential, sacred part of who you are!

#Feminism #Consciousness #Healing #patriarchy #goddess #TheShift

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