The Guardian of the Birth

This is who I am….

I AM here.

I have the honor of being with woman in the deepest sense and in her most vulnerable moments…of being the guide and protector as she journeys through the most intense and powerful transformations possible in this human form…birth! Woman has within her body the power to give life…the power and capacity to carry within her the pain and trauma of past experiences, lives and of humanity. She is a sacred vessel of the divine and holds within her the power of creation…of transformation…of chaos! I am the reminder of her true power in the moments where she feels it least…when she has forgotten…”the breakdown comes before the breakthrough…you’re nearly there…you’ve got this!”

I am the teacher for the masculine, who stands in awe, and sometimes in terror, of her strength…teaching him that just being there, supporting her, holding sacred space…witnessing…is perfect! That, by honoring her in the depths of her emotions and chaos, he honors and accepts the feminine aspects of himself…integrating, creating balance…becoming the Sacred Warrior and protector of the feminine, children and our sacred Mother Earth. Again…birth/rebirth.

In all of this I am always serving the Goddess…Guiding woman deep into herself…teaching her to listen to her body…tapping into that most primal, powerful essence of her true nature…the part of self that is most easily accessed in those moments of intense passion, pain and deep pleasure! THIS is who she truly is!!!

Voice — giving a voice to the pain, the fear, the sorrow, the rage…sobbing, primal, roaring…powerful!

Breath — feeling it…breathe in light, breath out pain, fear, darkness…see the shadow disappear as you breathe in the light…fully seen, integrated…whole.

Movement — allow the emotions to be fully felt and moved through the body…


Trust — trusting that her body knows…yes!

Commit — showing up in full authenticity, committed to allowing the self to be seen, felt, heard…yes, yes, more!

Surrender — surrendered completely into the experience, fully present in the moment…yes, yes, YES! …and all at once, in that explosive, expulsive moment the goddess is born…witnessed in her power, intensity and ecstatic joy!!! Yes…more of this please…thank you!

And now, as the pendulum swings back from the patriarchy and misogyny of the last age into balance as the Sacred Feminine re-awakens…surrendering to the birth pains of a new Age of Enlightenment, peace and love…

I AM here…the guardian of the Birth.

#empowerment #goddess #Transformation #Consciousness #Feminism

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