Sugar and Spice and Everything NICE…REALLY?!

That’s what girls are made of…


The Latin root of the word is nescius, meaning ignorant. Interesting, eh?

Girls: sugar and spice and everything nice.

We are told we must “Be nice”… “Look nice”… “Act nice.”

What has this sort of programming and expectation created? A world of lies and half-truths…one that is rampant with intolerable, inexcusable behavior!

Why? Because women invariably and habitually hold back their truth! They act nice rather than speaking up with their amazing, intelligent and revolutionary ideas and points of view. They are so afraid to say something that might bruise the fragile egos of the men around them that they stay silent. They stay silent when they are hurt or offended. They stay silent when they are abused…speaking out risks reprisal. They hold back to please their partner. They hold back to not risk shocking or offending other women. They remain silent because they have been taught that no one cares how they feel and that if they do speak up they will not be heard! Speaking your truth equals risk…especially if you are a woman.

“When a woman risks her truth, the world around her recalibrates and everything is elevated.” Regina Thomashauer

How often have you held back your truth in your relationships with others? How often have you ‘bitten your tongue’ when someone was rude or inconsiderate, or even downright abusive…to you or someone else? We teach others how to treat us by what we allow, so each time we remain silent when we are hurt, taken advantage of or manipulated, we allow that behavior to continue, and often the other person will then push the boundaries even further. Even little things, like “that thing” he does when you are making love that is a total turn off for you…but you don’t say anything because you don’t want to make him feel bad…that ‘lie’ actually cheated you both out of the ecstatic experience it could have been! If we women would just give up the need to be seen as ‘nice’ and powerfully speak our truth the entire world would change!

So how do we get a woman to connect with her truth and stand in it? By getting her tapped into her pleasure. In fact, teaching a woman to be fully in touch with her orgasmic potential is the ONLY thing that creates a rapid shift great enough to completely blow out old limiting patterns and beliefs and create permanent powerful transformation! Women have been kept from their orgasm through shame and religious control for centuries and it is time to reawaken the Goddess within! Once a woman is reconnected with her power through her pleasure, she is far less tolerant of anything that is not in alignment with her truth. By awakening her pleasure, she awakens her creativity, her powers of manifestation…her senses! Foods have more flavour, colors are more vibrant, and scents are more intense… she feels more ALIVE!

But even more – by playing small and insignificant, the world suffers. What will happen when the divine feminine rises in its power and declares that she will no longer sacrifice her children on the alter of oil company profits; that she will no longer permit her family to be poisoned in the name of food industry profits; that she will no longer allow excuses to stand between humanity and the nurturing care it deserves, in the name of insurance industry profits.

The dysfunctional status quo shakes at the very thought, and it should!

No more sugar and spice!

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