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Updated: Dec 4, 2019

We are conscious beings. We are reality creators. It is at our very essence. Physicist John Wheeler explains that reality is made of information that is created by observation, and that the observation must be made by something conscious. This truth shows up in many ways, as varied and unique as the people manifesting it.

My first career, following my 6 year stint in the US Navy, was as a nuclear reactor operations and maintenance at two different national laboratories, first the LANL in northern New Mexico and later the INEL in southeast Idaho. The operations aspect of this work, to me, was the most soul-crushing drudgery I’d ever experienced. When operating a nuclear reactor, excitement is not something that is tolerated – the consequences, of course, are too high. Consequently, a lot of work goes into covering every possible outcome in advance and creating excruciatingly detailed procedures and seemingly endless review processes before taking any given action. Individual initiative was not only discouraged, it was prohibited!

What kept me sane in this environment was spending much of my off time working on the small stock farm we owned in Idaho, finding creative ways to deal with chickens and goats and the problems that invariably surfaced. The work outside when weather permitted, and remodeling work inside the home when it didn’t, was an amazingly wonderful outlet for me. The planning and execution of these projects gave my creativity a place to roam free, and gave me the satisfaction of seeing the work of my hands in physical form – a satisfaction I could never find in a properly executed work procedure or a long night shift of literally nothing happening.

Seeing the powerful need for a creative outlet, and the positive results when this need is met, gradually got me deeply in touch with this part of myself. We are creators, and we must create. Maybe for someone else, creating the perfect procedure for a nuclear reactor is the perfect outlet. It’s hard for me to imagine it, but I know that people create differently. An artist must paint. An engineer must build. I get it, and I got it, and that’s a big reason why I left that career – the realization that I was poorly matched with the work that took so much of my time.

Yesterday I spent an entire morning in the mud. When we first moved here to our Costa Rican paradise, I discovered an old overgrown, empty pond. A rock wall surrounded a spring at the base of a huge boulder next to some stone stairs. The water ran through and out a hole in the wall. I could barely parse it all out with the weeds and mud. Excited, I partnered with the landlord’s groundskeeper, and we worked together, at my expense, to clear the pond, fix the leak, and restore the pond to its former tranquil glory. Yesterday morning was spent digging out the spring a little to increase it’s flow, digging more mud out, moving rocks and clearing the channel of the spring. I was dirty, scratched, itchy, and absolutely buzzing with peaceful joy. I love that shit! I love playing in the water. I love giving the earth gentle nudges to yield even more beauty and magic from an already magical place.

“Creative Outlet.” What an interesting and revealing phrase. Why must we have an outlet for something unless we are filled to the point where it MUST be released? This is the truth of it. We must release it, because we are all created as divine creators. Creators who don’t release their creativity get sick, and they get sick in ways that are just as unique and creative as the creations they could be releasing. The creative energy MUST flow. We can’t help it, and science proves that even the very act of a consciousness OBSERVING something creates the very reality around us. Not superheroes, not mystics, not gods or goddesses – ANYONE causes this to happen. And that’s because, really, we are all of the above. We are Makers, Creators, Magical Beings who constantly affect and mold the world around us.

Imagine the power of that! Imagine the power of everyone getting in touch with this awesome power. Imagine what we all can create together when we choose to release our creative energies in productive and beautiful ways.

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