How Committed Are You to What You SAY You Want?

Just how committed are you to what you say you want? When you dare to say out loud something you desire to create in your life, an opportunity will come your way. It already has. Someone has offered a suggestion as to how you actually have what you want, or create the healing you desire…the perfect teacher or healer has shown up in your space so synchronistically that it was like the universe heard your thoughts. What did you do with this opportunity? Did you accept it when it was offered? Were your first thoughts or words “How can I create this, do this, have this?” Or were the first words out of your mouth reasons and excuses as to why you could not, should not do it, have it or even want it? Welcome to your ego!!!

Ego plays the victim…keeps you helpless, stuck, mired in the same old shit! Higher self acknowledges the fear of change and says “yes, this way leads to growth…yes, it is f#*king terrifying and yes, I DESERVE THIS!”

How does this apply to us? We say we want to reach more people with the powerful healing work we are doing, but we let them off WAY too easy when their egos start to talk. We have been way to ‘nice’ to people who come to us for advice on how to heal their relationships, their shame, their deep trauma, but who are not actually committed to doing anything real about it. They want to play with the idea of it but any REAL change is completely shut down by their egos. We see the potential of what they could create if they would just say “YES” to putting themselves first, and we want that for them…we feel their pain…we can SEE their victory! We keep giving and giving more and more, hoping we can inspire them to love themselves enough to take that LEAP…and it never happens.

We are fucking DONE with being NICE! We are DONE with trying to get potential clients to actually commit to doing the work when they come into our space because they happen to be a bit titillated by the concept of healing sexual shame and embracing their pleasure. When they learn that it requires the HARDEST WORK they will ever do, 100% COMMITMENT to their results, and actual INVESTMENT (YES, you get what you pay for!) then they backpedal. As soon as we hear the words “when I can save up the money” we know that their ego just said “NO FUCKING WAY!”

In 2 ½ years of doing this work, we have only had ONE person come back and actually ‘choose in’ to healing themselves at a later date…and we’ve heard that story many times! So we are calling BULLSHIT!! We are done with trying to convince…done with allowing our energy to be sucked away by the lack of commitment people have to their own healing and expansion. WE are 100% committed to getting life-changing results for the people we work with! We give our time and energy generously to our clients who are ALL IN and witness their miracles of transformation with deepest joy.

So, once again, how committed are you to what you say you want? Are you just playing with a ‘some day it would be nice’ idea or are you serious about creating something different in your life? Are you accountable for what you create as your reality or are you a victim that everything happens to? Do you say, ‘when it’s the right time, I will do it’ or do you take action when higher self presents you with an opportunity for growth? Here’s the thing…if you are waiting for the right time to present itself it’s never going to happen! There will ALWAYS be an excuse or ten that the ego will come up with about why it’s not ‘the right time.’ The reality is, the right time is RIGHT FUCKING NOW! If you really want something to change in your life, you have to be committed to creating it NO MATTER WHAT! Testing will happen when you say you want something to see if you are serious. When you actually take action in the form of financial commitment, (energy) or other action steps necessary to make that change happen, the universe will align with you to assist you in creating that outcome faster than you thought possible. You can’t just want something…you have to want it ENOUGH!

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