Why Don’t Dreams Come True?

Have you ever desired something so deeply and poured all the faith, effort and will that you could draw from the depths of your soul into creating that dream, only to seemingly fail? Does block after block come up keeping you from the success you desire and deserve? Do you keep drawing in relationships that do not serve you and wondering why that is? Do you see others who seem to have all the luck and get whatever they want…like it’s just easy for them, and wonder why?

Many of us are familiar with “The Secret” and the Law of Attraction and we know that the Universe requires clear intention and committed action to create the things we desire. Often we even take those leaps of faith where we trust, commit and surrender into a new venture, business or a new relationship, hoping that, this time, it will turn out differently…we do everything “right” and still just fucking flames out like a burned out meteor.

Here’s the thing…if we aren’t vibrationally in alignment with what we want, it’s not going to happen until we shift our vibration to a level that magnetizes what we desire. If we have a subconscious belief that is in opposition to what we are trying to create, then that subconscious belief will override any conscious effort to manifest our desires. Even if your knowing on an intellectual level has evolved to know that you deserve that thing, that relationship, or that wealth and abundance… if your subconscious mind believes otherwise, that which the subconscious mind believes is what you will create! Visualize yourself in front of a mirror…do you see yourself as beautiful? If not, try the commonly recommended technique of mirror affirmations…say it while gazing into your own eyes “I am beautiful!” Say it again, and again…do you hear it? That voice inside laughing almost hysterically whispering, or even screaming, “yeah, right…I’m not buying it!”

If you desire greater wealth in your life, notice your gut reaction when you see someone with a Maserati or a very expensive watch. Is there judgment about the person or the waste of money on such frivolity? If your reaction is anything less than “wow, that’s awesome…that person is blessed!” then you are energetically blocking wealth from entering your field. If you desire a beautiful intimate relationship in your life, how to you feel when you see a couple, obviously in love, engaging in affection openly? Do you say or think, “get a room”? Do you feel jealous? If your reaction is anything less than, “beautiful…its wonderful to witness such love and connection” then you are energetically repelling that from your life! If your subconscious mind was taught as a child that you do not deserve happiness, or that money corrupts, then your subconscious beliefs will not allow you to have those things. If you do manifest them into your space, your subconscious will sabotage you and what you desire will not remain in your space. Your vibration is not compatible with what you seek.

How do you shift your vibration and the beliefs of your subconscious mind to align with your desires? First you must release the blocks, the contradictory beliefs that are holding you back. Identify your unconscious thought patterns that are getting in the way of you manifesting what you want and then replace that with a new belief that is in alignment with your desire. This means reprogramming your subconscious mind, not just replacing that belief on the intellectual level. Will this be easy? NO! Is it possible? ABSOFUCKINGLUTELY!!! It may (and usually does) require working with a skilled mentor, which means actually investing in yourself, which is a huge step in the direction of shifting your vibration. To successfully manifest what you desire, you must declare your vision with absolute clarity and then step into that vibration in a way that there is NO DOUBT…and if there is then you release it! When you are energetically aligned with your desire, and you take that action, releasing the blocks that are holding you back, there is no uncertainty! Everything is energy…everything is vibration. Lock into your vision like it’s already manifested, already here in the now, clear the blocks and then GO FOR IT!

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