My Yoni is F#*king Pissed!

My yoni is fact, she is fucking outraged! She has been telling me for nearly three months that something was severely out of alignment in my relationship with one of the men in my life. I ignored her. I shared her, my sacred space, with him anyway, not trusting her messages.

The yoni always knows…she is energetically aware and will communicate what she is sensing through pain, burning, decrease in responsiveness. She knew when I was with him for a short visit nearly three months ago when she did not respond with her usual gushes of ecstasy. I told myself it was the stress of being separated due to his work. From that moment on, she silently burned with anger and I found other reasons to ignore her messages…I loved him so deeply I didn’t want to know!

Other evidence of the breach of integrity began to surface…both my yoni and my intuition were screaming, and still, I chose to believe his words and his stories…I wanted so desperately to believe him…I trusted his manipulating words and stories over my own intuition! When he finally joined us here in Costa Rica 2 ½ months later, I was overjoyed...finally the end of so much separation and stress surrounding a supposed stalker! Once again, my yoni knew and did not respond with her usual passion and intensity…in fact, she had burned even more intensely with anger the entire week before his arrival!

After only two days, he suddenly had to return to the US due to a “family emergency” when, in actuality, he was leading a double life and was seeing the woman he had been with for the three months he had been away. Trust was broken, repeatedly. All of this was exposed through the energy of the eclipse, shedding away that which was not in alignment. My yoni knew all along, but I didn’t listen to her…the yoni always speaks the truth! Somehow, on a body level, I knew this man I loved would not return to me when he left, even though he promised he would be back very soon. That is my choice now that I know the truth. I am not a victim and I will not be manipulated into living a lie. I deserve peace, prosperity and true love. My yoni deserves to be honored in her truth and she rejects all deception and abuse…she desires only deep authentic connection and pleasure!

My yoni is pissed…she has been dishonored and lied to by her lover, whom she adored. It is I, who must give her a voice to express her rage...and her anguish. Allow her to grieve…to sob and moan, to writhe in agony and to scream in rage! In this way I heal her as I heal myself. I receive the powerful lessons that I was meant to learn from this experience and recognize patterns that do not serve me so that I may be a more effective guide to those I am meant to serve for healing in this lifetime. I reclaim my power and stand strong in my purpose, supported lovingly by the beautiful partner who remains with me. The cords have been severed and the bonds released. I AM a beautiful, loving, compassionate, POWERFUL goddess of freedom and light!

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