10 Things I Learned While Climbing the Quebrada el Chispo

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

Climbing a Costa Rican Cascade

Today, Anton and I took a hike up the middle of the river. Anton is my 13 year old stepson, and the river we climbed is a lively cascade in the Quebrada el Chispo, located behind my house that borders the Talamaca Nature Preserve in southwest Costa Rica.

Quebrada means “ravine” in Spanish. Surging through the ravine is a small, powerful river that is made up mostly of waterfalls with the occasional small pool. Very rocky, fast moving in many places, the climb took a great deal of concentration. You didn’t want to fall down in the wrong spot and get tossed into the large boulders.

It was perfect for me to spend some time in contemplation. Even interacting with Anton, helping each other through difficult places, and remarking on the beauty surrounding us, I was in a mood to see the climb with eyes open to the lessons and metaphors of life. Here is my compiled list from our outing:

1. Sometimes “going with the flow” is going in the wrong direction.

2. The climb never get’s boring. Each goal achieved opens up the invitation for the next goal.

3. The river pursues its purpose perfectly, without fail, without judgment, and without self-doubt. The result is perfect beauty and harmony.

4. Sometimes, when seeking a more secure footing, you can enlist the power of the river’s opposing flow to hold your foot more firmly in place until you’re ready to take the next step. Enlist the assistance of resistance.

5. It’s better to fall on your ass enjoying the power and beauty of a river than sit on your ass watching Netflix.

6. The deeper waters are the calmest.

7. Water cleanses. Rapidly moving water cleanses rapidly.

8. Water doesn’t care how massive, hard, or numerous the rocks are. It delightedly flows over, under or around, its essence unchanged.

9. Over time, the big rocks become smaller rocks, and the smaller rocks become sand. Water never changes.

10. Fog combines to make rain. Rain combines to make streams. Streams converge to make rivers, and rivers join with the mighty sea. Unity is power.

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