When the Universe Won't 'Put Out'

Why is it that

so often it feels like the Universe just won’t give us what we want? In spite of our intellectual understanding of the Law of Attraction and setting intention and even engaging in committed action to create that result, many experience frustration, disappointment and even anger that the Universe just won’t ‘put out’…that the success, wealth, relationship, or happiness they desire always remains seemingly just out of reach.

The problem is that most people, especially women, do NOT know how to receive! They have been programmed that they must give, give, give to be 'worthy' and are giving from a state of emptiness, which is with an agenda of proving to themselves and everyone else that they are indeed 'worthy'. They can't even receive a compliment or treat themselves with honor and respect. This is actually the energy of victim and 'taking'. So often we see people who habitually give and give and give some more, who are even held within the community as a standard of excellence to achieve, who then depreciate and refuse any attempts from others to give back. They actually refuse to receive the gift…this is SELFISH…it is the energy of TAKING, which is very different from receiving! They are refusing the other person the joy of giving. Receiving is the energy of gratitude. True giving is a balance of giving from a place of joy without expectation AND receiving. Balance is the key and creates the infinite energy of ebb and flow.

In no area of life is this lack of balance more evident than in sexual pleasure. Women are programmed to believe (and men to reciprocate the energy of the belief) that they shouldn’t actually want and enjoy sex, that if they do they are sluts or somehow wrong, and that if they actually express and engage in their desires they are degraded and dirty. They are taught that their bodies are for the pleasure of their man and that they are in constant danger of being violated by men…that if they are violated, it is their fault for ‘asking for it.’ Once violated, they are somehow defiled. Sex then becomes a connectionless transactional occurrence that women mete out as a ‘favor’ to their men and with the expectation of certain behaviors from them in return.

Sexual experiences are meant to be a sacred deep connection of the mind, body and spirit…a mutual exchange of ecstatic pleasure and bliss! Often, when a woman has shame around sexuality in her body, she is unable to even connect with her pleasure and, if she does, she feels guilt afterward and shuts down the energy of receiving with more shame. Most of the time, even when a woman does open herself up to receiving pleasure, she feels that one little orgasm is the culmination of and limit of her experience and that’s it. Women…you are divine, sexual, MULTI-ORGASMIC beings with limitless capacity for experiencing ecstatic pleasure! The energy of orgasm is the energy of creation, manifestation and magnetism. When you limit your willingness and capacity to receive pleasure in all its forms, especially sexual energy, you limit your ability to receive, PERIOD!!! This energetic barrier to receiving affects EVERY area of your life in varying degrees and the Universe cannot penetrate it no matter how much wealth, success, joy and love it has stored up waiting for you to allow into your space!

How do you shift the energy and allow in the gifts that the Universe has for you? Tap into the vibration of gratitude…for everything…even the shit! Find the lessons in the hard stuff and integrate the wisdom so you can move forward in your purpose instead of repeating the same lesson again and again. Actively engage in healing your wounds and shame, reprogram your subconscious beliefs, and ENGAGE in your PLEASURE! Pleasure wakes you up…you feel tapped into your power, turned on and ALIVE! Every day can be joyful and blissful…Live your life orgasmically!!!

If you have questions or would like to explore how you can create the deep healing and shifts of energy described, please contact us at trust@inannasanctuary.com to receive a free exploration call with Freyja or Michael Inanna.

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