What is Your Crack?

What is your crack? What is your heroin? What turns you on, lights you up, makes you feel 'high'? Do that! THAT is what you are meant to do in the world...your gift to humanity!

So often we are told we must have a ‘real job’ to be considered successful and stable in the world. That’s bullshit! The most successful entrepreneurs in the world and in history did not get there by holding down a steady job working for someone else…they had a dream and they followed it! Steve Jobs, Oprah, Walt Disney, JK Rowling, Andrew Carnegie, Benjamin Franklin, John Paul Dejoria, Madam CJ Walker, John D Rockefeller, and Hans Christian Anderson are only a few of these amazing and successful people who believed in their dreams enough to push through the resistance and testing to create amazing success. Their dreams have inspired many…their gifts have created so much joy in the world!

We have a dream...a vision...Imagine a world where our children grow up being taught to embody the essence of who they truly are; a world where peace and prosperity are universal; where sensuality and pleasure are accepted and embraced as an essential part of life; and where the act of sexual union is viewed as beautiful, powerful and sacred! We are creating a movement for feminine empowerment and healing and we invite others to join us in transforming this vision into reality. This movement is one where women stand in their feminine power as nurturing, compassionate Queens, and where men show up as powerful Kings - the Sacred Warriors, protecting and supporting the women in their lives and our Sacred Mother Gaia, thereby, creating peace on Earth.

We are living that dream, co-creating with our clients one beautiful soul at a time, the deep healing and self discovery that evokes miracles of transformation! Has it been easy? No…it has been fucking TERRIFYING at times! It wasn’t easy to just quit our jobs and move thousands of miles across country with no backup plan to be on life purpose as Integrative Orgasmic Healing practitioners. Our egos came up with all kinds of stories of why we were insane to even consider it. Then, as if that wasn’t de-illusional enough, we sold or gave away everything and moved to Costa Rica with only what we could bring in suitcases so we could create the most beautiful, deeply healing and transformational experience possible for our clients! Whew! No back up plan FOR REAL!!! Did our egos have something to say? Of course! “What if we can’t find enough clients to pay our bills? What if we can’t pay rent and end up homeless in a foreign country? What if? …what if?” It is now next to impossible to even go back to our old jobs…not that we want to anyway. We don’t! Our old jobs aren’t even a part of our identity any more. And so…we have had the opportunity, more than once, to stare directly into the eyes of our worst fears…glowing red in the darkness of the unknown!

Will we give up on our dream? No…NO…absofuckinglutely NOT!!! We are committed to being fully on life purpose 100%! We look at each other in awe after witnessing the birth of a Goddess or a Sacred Warrior activation in session and we KNOW that this is what we are here to do…it is our gift to the world! We are POWERFUL in the work we are doing and we LOVE witnessing the beautiful transformation in each of the amazing people who come into our sacred healing space…this is our ‘high’….our ‘crack’. BRING IT ON!!! In the words of one of our clients, we are “bad-ass mother-f#*king sorcerers of divine light!”

What is your dream? What makes you ‘high’? Do you know?

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