Who Are You...Really...Do You Know?

Have you ever felt trapped in the story of your life, like you are an actor on the stage of someone else’s story and they are the director…like your feelings and dreams are of little or no consequence and who you are really doesn’t matter…like you’re in someone else’s dream and you can’t wake up and you can’t escape the dream? Does anyone even know who you are? Do you?

As stated by Jen Rode, “She/he who is most lucid in the dream controls the dream.” Are you awake? Are you lucid in your dream of life, creating your dreams as reality or are you being sucked into and controlled by someone else’s dream?

History has told the stories of some very powerful dreamers who’s dreams have affected the reality of millions for good or bad…Ghandi, Nelson Mandela, Dr Martin Luther King Jr, Jeshua ben Joseph, Buddha, Sir Winston Churchill…Adolf Hitler, Emperor Nero, Atilla the Hun, Emperor Qin Shi Huangdi to name only a few.

Currently, there is a very powerful dreamer in the United States of America who has drawn so many people in to his dream that he has been elected President of the United States in spite of the fact that he has no experience in the field of politics prior to his presidential campaign. Love him or hate him, Donald Trump is very aware of how to enrol others in creating his dream by appealing to those who are unsatisfied with their current reality and in fear of the changes that are occurring in society and the world. He has sucked so many people into his dream that many are protesting in fear and anger, while others are celebrating and fuelling the protesting with acts of racism, misogyny and hatred using Trump’s political agenda as justification in spite of his public remarks telling people to “Stop it!” The fear and hate is on both sides…the election is over and both sides are STILL posting all kinds of nasty political DIVISIVE rhetoric and fanning the fire!


When will we wake up to the truth that WE CREATE OUR REALITY whatever it is?! When will we wake up to the truth that we are all one and that what hurts one hurts us all?! When will we wake up to the fact that fear and hate only creates more fear, pain and hate?! It’s time for us to wake up and find our humanity…to return to love as a way of being…to find ourselves…to connect with who we truly are at a deep level and step into creating our own powerful dreams instead of living in someone else’s nightmare!

Wake up, check in, Step up. The shift is happening and it's happening fast. Now is the time to show up in your highest, most magnificent self and make that difference you came here to create in the world! Now is the time to do whatever it takes to heal YOURSELF FIRST so that you can show up fully as ALL of who you are! Shine your light…speak your truth…FEEL your emotions…BE! By doing so you give others permission to to the same and your ripple becomes one of powerful healing and beauty in the Earth! Not everyone will love you or approve of your message AND that’s okay. By releasing the need for the approval of others and truly BEING your authentic self, you INSPIRE and create true FREEDOM!

If you are ready to step powerfully into creating a new dream and connecting with your inner Goddess/Warrior at a deep intuitive level please contact Freyja & Michael Inanna at trust@inannasanctuary.com

to receive a free Vibration Raising phone call to explore further how you can transform your life and step into your power!

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