The Unwanted Voyeur...Shame

“I am so sick of all the people in the room watching when we are having sex!” he exclaimed. She looked at him in dismay, questions in her eyes. “Your parents, my parents, the priesthood council, the prophets, past and living!” She caught her breath and saw in her mind’s eye the presence of her mom, her aunts, friends who judged her choices, the man who manipulated her into giving up her virginity as a young teen, the man who molested her as a child, the creepy brother-in-law…all watching…disapproving…or sneering. All unwanted voyeurs, their eyes accusing them of the wicked acts of pleasure they could not actually fully enjoy...this is what shame feels like. Inaudible whispers…accusations of guilt, telling her she’s broken, tarnished, unworthy…worthless…

How many of us have these unwelcome guests, these phantoms of shame…voices in our heads convincing us that we are wrong for our desires of pleasure…even separating us from it…numbing and burying our desire? These are the ghosts of psychic vampires leaving remnants of themselves in our heads, hooks in our bodies, metaphysical cords that drain us even though they are physically long gone…even dead…like succubi of our life force. Sexual shame is an epidemic in the world which is not serving anyone save the religious organizations that rely on this shame to control and manipulate the masses into their financial support, exchanging their passion and pleasure for promises of redemption from the gaping pits of hell. In reality, they are already there!

This sexual shame has become so ingrained in society that even those who follow no religious affiliation have fallen victim to the slut-shaming, misogynistic rape culture so prevalent in the world today…especially women. When women are repressed, so are men, one way or another…when one suffers, we all suffer! It’s time to heal the shame…time to reclaim our power, our passion, our PLEASURE! It’s time to reclaim the divine connection to our highest selves, manifestation, creation energy and Spirit that IS orgasm!!!

These two beautiful, powerful people decided to heal the shame…to do the work, whatever it took, to heal the trauma…to kick the unwanted voyeurs out of the room and out of their minds FOREVER! They walked through fire and ice to create their miracles of deep healing transformation and WON! Now, when they make love there are no uninvited guests...only the angels holding sacred space for their soul-deep intimacy and ecstatic bliss!

#sexualhealing #SexualPower #Feminism #IntegrativeOrgasmicHealing #shame

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