The Power of the Goddess

The power of the Goddess to create and birth new life is part of what brings fear to the ego Masculine, which does not understand his role at her side as divine protector of the vessel of life. His contribution is perfect and necessary but, when he loses himself in her in the moment of orgasm, he feels out of control and fearful of her perceived power over him. In the patriarchal ego Masculine world this fear leads to a rejection and crushing of everything feminine, especially the feminine within themselves! The divine Masculine recognizes and honors the power of the Goddess, her pleasure, and merges himself with her - understanding that her power does not weaken him, but rather creates a synergy between them that is all powerful!

When the Goddess and Sacred Masculine engage in sexual union, it is not an act of domination and penetration...It is a sacred act of mutual honoring and surrender to pleasure where the goddess is allowed to fully experience her desire and draws into her sacred space his phallus, consuming him eagerly as he moves within her merging their energies as the kundalini snakes flow through each chakra meeting at their third eyes and exploding throughout their bodies. This does not mean that all of this is slow and gentle…the Goddess desires and even craves the powerful passionate thrusting of her Sacred Warrior and meets him powerfully with her own impassioned thrusts and moans, fully aroused, her body open and receptive to wave after wave of orgasmic bliss…pure ecstasy as she channels his gift of energy with her own for the manifestation of their desires!

As Divine Feminine balance returns to the planet and the Sacred Masculine awakens, we create a world where our children grow up being taught to embody the essence of who they truly are; a world where peace and prosperity are universal; where sensuality and pleasure are accepted and embraced as an essential part of life; and where the act of sexual union is viewed as beautiful, powerful and sacred. This is the spirit of feminine centered culture. If women fully embraced their sexual natures and men honoured them as the Goddesses they are, embracing their own divinity as Sacred Warrior, protectors of the feminine, children and sacred Mother Earth, then there would be peace...its that simple!

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