Transformation: Was I Hiding or What?!

Transformation: was I hiding or what?!

Our computer didn’t even recognize my old photos! 😂

Seriously…looking back and sorting through all the old digital photos on our computer two days ago, Michael asked me who all these old photos were that were coming up in “faces” that the computer wasn’t able to recognize and put into a name category. “Those are old photos of me”, I responded rather surprised that he wasn’t sure. I shouldn’t have been surprised since the computer didn’t recognize me either…I was doing a pretty damn good job of hiding back then!

Even three years ago, I was still hiding so much of who I am…even THOSE photos show such a powerful shift from then to now! Three years ago, I was in the process of stepping into the healing modality that has evolved into what is now our life purpose work, Integrative Orgasmic Healing. I was still stuck in a job that I thought I had to be in to support our family. I was holding back BIG TIME on the message I am here to teach…stepping into the Divine Feminine power and healing sexuality! I was afraid to be fully seen…afraid of rejection and persecution. Even with the huge amount of healing work I had done and the self-limiting beliefs I had let go of in leaving the repressive patriarchal society I grew up and lived most of my life in, I still held so much trauma, shame and fear in my body about being a powerful, sexual, passionate women that it kept me silenced for the most part.

NO MORE! It is true freedom to be fully who you are and speak your truth without the need to be “liked” or the approval of others. It’s allowing yourself to be fully seen and heard without apology. It is living ones passion…exploring ones talents and gifts and knowing ones true purpose on the earth…and following that path no matter the well meaning “sensible” opinions of others. I AM a beautiful, loving, compassionate, powerful Goddess of freedom and light! I am here as a leader in this time of great shift to break the chains of shame and self-limiting beliefs…to teach those who’s lives I am destined to touch that we all have the Divine within us and that they can tap into their inner knowing and find a direct relationship with God/Source…to teach that sexual union is sacred, powerful and beautiful!

THIS is the kind of transformation that the work we are doing creates! I KNOW who I AM! I KNOW my PURPOSE! I listen to the messages and take guided action even if it’s f#*king terrifying and all I can see is the next step! I have the courage to be SEEN and SPEAK my TRUTH knowing that not everyone will approve or even like me…and that’s okay! I am here for those who are waking up and ready to create miracles of transformation in their lives. Are you READY?

I love each and every one of you…Namaste

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