The Vibration of Beauty

Beauty is a vibration. Beauty is NOT the un-attainable standard image that American society has created it to be. Beauty is about the deep connection a being has with the essence of their true nature…it is the full acceptance and love of every inch of our bodies and every aspect of who we are. Beauty is about allowing ourselves to be fully seen, with the light and shadow, the perfect imperfections, in full view…all integrated as one perfectly created divine being!

We, as women, often love beautiful clothes, makeup, hairstyles, manicures and other luxuries associated with beauty. The pitfall lies in the belief that these things are what creates beauty in us rather than seeing them as tools to assist us in mastering the vibration of beauty that is inherently within each of us. This is all they are…nothing more! So often, a woman will put on an item of clothing or try a hairstyle that they see looks beautiful on another woman and then feel lacking within herself when it doesn’t look the same on her body or face shape. The truth is that the garment or style is not living up to HER particular flavour of beauty, NOT the other way around!

So often, we allow ourselves to be placed in cookie cutter molds of who we should be, how we should behave, what colours and styles we should wear, how much we should weigh and so on to be considered beautiful. Beauty is as individual as the person and each of us is unique, as are the colours that work best with our essence. When a woman is told “you should only wear these colours…and you need to dye your hair a warmer (or cooler) color” to be beautiful, and when none of the colours that make up HER is even included in those colours, what is the message? What she hears, regardless of the actual words, is that there is something wrong with her…she is flawed…definitely not beautiful.

The truth is that we don’t ‘need’ all of these things to be beautiful AND when we use them as tools to assist us in connecting with our own essence it creates the essence of who we are being visible to those around us. We can use color and other tools as a way to facilitate being truly seen OR we can use them to create a barrier to hide behind. Often this is unintentional. Other times it may be intentional on a subconscious level.

When you are in alignment you become magnetic…just like the poles of a magnet, when they are properly aligned they create a powerful magnetic pull…when they are unaligned, it’s just another piece of metal without real purpose.

So what creates ‘alignment’ in an individual? What does being in alignment really mean? How does one create this alignment and allow their true beauty to shine through? Colour, makeup and the way we adorn ourselves can assist us in allowing others to see us more clearly, however, true alignment begins within. When we are hiding or rejecting essential aspects of our natures, we create being completely out of integrity with who we are, and draw into our space individuals and situations that are also out of alignment with our desires, dreams and truth. In this painful state of being you are wearing a mask that prevents those who DO align with your essence from entering your space because they can’t SEE YOU!

To create powerful internal alignment with self, one must first release the trauma, shame and self-limiting beliefs and programs that they are NOT. Only then, can you begin to discover who you truly are and fall in love with the beauty that lies within…the light AND the shadow. It is through the acceptance and integration of all aspects of who you are that you become whole, tapped into your power, turned on to your passion, fully alive and free! Your external state then reflects your internal alignment and radiates the Vibration of Beauty!

Note: My photos from 2003 while still very much hiding my essence to fit into the religious society I was a part of until 7 years ago, and now (December 2017).

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