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Updated: Dec 4, 2019

Do you ever look at a successful, amazing person and wish that was you? Do you find yourself envying them their “luck,” the advantages of their birth, their effortless success? Is it inconceivable that you will ever be there, experience their success, be that powerful, that beautiful, that self-assured, that spectacular?

There is a secret, and unfortunately for so many, it seems to be a well-kept secret. That secret has two parts:

  1. You will never be that. You will never have their accomplishments, their power, their beauty; and

  2. This is because that is THEIR stuff. YOUR stuff is far superior, at least for you! Your accomplishments, power and beauty are what will work for you, what will satisfy you, what will make you wake every morning excited to be living your perfect, successful life!

Now that the secret is out, the question that follows for you is WHAT is MY STUFF? That’s all tied up in your whole reason for being on this wild and crazy planet. And for most of us, we started life surrounded by people who seemed committed to keeping that information from us at all costs.

Some people in your life, without even checking in with you, may have mapped out Your Perfect Life™, and made sure you followed that schedule. Get THESE grades, that will make sure you get into THIS college and get THAT degree, and you will live a Happy, Successful Life. Because that’s what they did, and THEY are happy and successful, right? As if we are all identical little balls of cookie dough needing only the right cookie form.

Worse, some of us get hooked up with people in our early lives who exhibit a pathological need to root out and destroy any shred of authenticity that dares to peek out. It’s hard to get in touch with who you are, what your “stuff” really is, when all it’s learned is to hide at all costs!

Others may have been overwhelmed by waves of indifference and greyness, until finally convinced that there is nothing that could possibly be interesting or unique within.

There are so many ways to be shut down, and no one goes through life without some experiences along these lines. So what’s different between that Goddess Leader of Golden Love and Light and you?

You’re still hiding.

The truth is, every one of us is a uniquely powerful, divine being, with our own extremely important contribution to make to this planet at this time. Really. You think God/Universe/Goddess/Source makes shit? You think that mediocrity and weakness is any part of being the offspring of divinity?

Well, quit thinking that. Right now. You not only have an important role to fill, you are badly needed, and continuing in your mediocrity is not an option!

Your first clue on how to access you, is to start paying attention to your mirrors. If you see something in another that is amazing, powerful, life-affirming, and spectacular, there’s something you should know: That same thing is inside you. If it wasn’t inside you, you would never be able to recognize it in another. Pay attention to this, meditate on it, and start following that thread. It’s not about you somehow copying that person, or being just like them. It’s realizing that you wouldn’t care about what you see in them if it wasn’t a part of you, a part of your values, a part of your own path.

Your second clue is to start being true to yourself. Don’t ask other’s permission, don’t apologize, don’t make excuses. One big reason you are out of touch with who you are at your deepest levels, is that you haven’t been true to who you are at your current level! You can’t betray yourself and then expect to get more in tune with yourself – it doesn’t work that way. Be true to you, love you, be kind to you, OWN you, and then see where that takes you on a road to infinite adventure and fascination. Because you are endlessly fascinating and there is no greater adventure that getting in touch with that.

Finally, let go of the past. This sounds trivially easy, but it is anything but. The truth is, THE PAST DOES NOT EXIST! Seriously, can you pick up a piece of it and taste it? Can you kick it? Put it in a box? Of course not! You might have a recording of it, something that can be attributed to a past event, or something that reminds you of the past, but it’s all imaginary. Recordings are flawed, one dimensional and deeply dependent on context and point of view. Memories are worse. Your most powerful memory of a past event could be distorted, confused, or even completely wrong. You may have misinterpreted what was happening at the time, been incapable of properly processing it because of your maturity level, or simply been mistaken. Ultimately, all that matters is how your perception of the past is affecting your present. The reason I say that letting go of the past isn’t easy, is because our processing of past experiences has created our perception, the way we see reality. We store up all the pain, all the misinformation about ourselves, and all the skewed versions of reality that we were fed, and now that informs everything we see, hear, and even think! Our bodies store trauma, dysfunctional scripts run in the operating system of our brains, and there is a complete, often self-contradictory belief system in place that often serves us very poorly. Worst case, many discover that it can be literally self-destructive.

You can try and create powerful and beautiful results dragging all that shit behind you, but at best you have to ask – why would you want to? Why use all that energy fighting against yourself? Why keep it, when you never asked for it in the first place? Even if you DO succeed at creating amazing and powerful, when you arrive, you’ll look around and discover it’s all still there. It won’t just go away. It will shut down your joy, your pleasure, your satisfaction, as it eats away relentlessly at the borders of everything you accomplished. Everything you created, in spite of your shit.

The root of your success is to step into BEING. Doing will follow. If you reverse this order, you choose hard, you choose to suffer, and you choose eventual failure.

We need you. We need you at the top of your game. We need all of you, unencumbered, all in. Show up now! Show up for your loved ones and show up for humanity.

But most importantly, show up for you!

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