The Deepest Betrayal

The deepest betrayal we can commit is what happens when we are too afraid to be who we are. This is the betrayal of self…the denial of our true essence. Betrayal is when we allow others to tell us who we are, silence our voice and we become a shell of the powerful being we were born to be! It’s like the eagle who remained on the ground his whole life watching other eagles gliding through the skies above him but never soaring himself because he had been told he was a chicken. YOU are meant to SOAR!

So often we sell out on ourselves, betraying our true natures by being who we believe others want us to be. In doing so, we not only cheat ourselves out of the amazing joyful life we were meant to experience, but we deny those around us the gifts that we alone have to offer…we deny them the beauty of the change we are meant to create in the world. Our purpose in this world is to effect change on those around us and we CANNOT do this and hide our light at the same time!

When we conform to the expectations of others, it is because we are afraid that if they knew who we really are, they wouldn’t approve of or even like us…that we wouldn’t belong. We even walk through the world looking for EVIDENCE that we don’t belong or that we are not enough! Of course, we find it too, since whatever evidence we are looking for we will always find. In truth, o

ur worth and our belonging are not contingent on the opinions of others. We carry those deep within our hearts. Once we find the courage to BE who we are without needing the approval of others to confirm our worth or value, we become truly FREE! Until then, we remain in a prison of our own creation...a mere spectre of the magnificent, powerful being within.

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