Ignite the Sacred Sacral Fire

We, as women, have been repressed and held hostage in our sexuality for millennia, and as a result, we have been disconnected from our pleasure, our lovers and from the deepest aspect of who we are…divine source! This repression of the feminine creative power was necessary for the very existence of the patriarchal order, in which organized religion has played a major role. Through the witch burnings and inquisitions of unimaginable brutality, in which there were towns in Europe where there were no women left living after they had “purged” the “witches”, these burning times sent humanity into the dark ages. The powerful church and patriarchy doused our sacred, sacral sensual fire with burnings, drownings, hangings, flaying and boiling in oil, leaving us in fear, teaching us that our sexual power was something to overcome and to be ashamed of…and so we were.

We submitted our will to the patriarchy and supported it. We turned from the midwives and ‘wise women’ to the male physicians who specialized in rare and costly imported treatments such as ‘unicorn horn, viper’s flesh, powdered mummy, crab’s eyes, oil of earthworms and rhino horn’. We relinquished control of our reproductive functions and became ashamed of our moon cycles forgetting the power of our yoni’s and our blood while the patriarchy tried to claim the power of blood through war!

We rejected our natural beauty, creativity, sexual desire and power and all humanity has paid the price!

The price has been profound and affects us all in multiple ways even now. Rape continues to be a weapon of power used against women, and all who are seen as weaker to humiliate…to dominate and keep us in fear, to make us believe we are the weaker sex. Men have been taught to despise anything feminine as inferior and have rejected the qualities perceived as feminine in themselves and other men. They have been cut off from the closeness and contact of their mothers and taught that their emotions, save anger, are weakness…after all, big boys don’t cry. They are angry…they are starving…they seek touch in sex because they don’t know how else to receive it without vulnerability. They have been taught that to have sex with a woman is to ‘defile’ her…that she is then, somehow less than or impure.

We as women have been taught to fear each other, to see each other as competition…especially any woman who embraces and stands confidently in her sensuality. These women are slut-shamed, ridiculed and whispered about as immoral…whores! Many women are not even able to fully connect with and experience their pleasure once they are married and suddenly have ‘permission’ to engage in their sexuality because of the deep shame in their bodies. There are even still women in this world who are being MURDERED by their own families for the act of having sexual intimacy outside of wedlock!

It’s time to heal ourselves! It’s time to reclaim our passion, our creativity and our power and stand bold as the goddesses we came here to be. It’s time to restore the true meaning of the word “Virgin”, which has been corrupted by those who wished to separate us from our divine essence as the vessels of life and creation on this earth. To be a “Virgin” means to be a woman who is sovereign in her sexuality and owned by NO MAN! In sacred partnership, yes…owned as chattel, absolutely NOT! NO MORE!!! Once our sacred fire is ignited, we cannot be silenced!

I am here to re-ignite the fire in every woman…to reconnect the heart with the sacral, sensual, sexual fire - the ‘seat of the self’!

To learn how YOU can heal and re-ignite the sacred fire within, schedule a free Goddess Awakening breakthrough call or PM me and let’s talk.

#SexualPower #sexualhealing #rape #Feminism #Goddess #Pleasure #metoo

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