I Almost Missed it

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

1999 – 38 years old, and I almost missed it. I almost missed stepping into feeling, being, living. I almost betrayed myself for what my parents, my upbringing, and my church handed to me when I first stepped into adulthood. I almost missed the beginning of my life as a human being. Such a small betrayal of what my entire being was telling me and I could have shut it all down, squeezed it back in the box, accepted death without ever first experiencing life. I almost did that.

2007 – 45 years old, and I almost missed it again! Years of exploring, searching, releasing and rebuilding MY life, and the opportunity to crystallize all that into something new and powerfully usable knocked on my door, and I almost missed it. I almost missed it because I “couldn’t afford it.” Because I “didn’t have the time.” Because I was “busy.” Because I was afraid. My best friend shared his excitement, but I almost let it slip from my grasp. I almost missed the experience of attending a program that introduced me to my inner child, my power, my path and even my partner and Goddess, Freyja. I could have SO easily let it pass by, indifferent and distracted, and accepted mediocre without ever first knowing spectacular. I almost did that.

2015 – 54 years old, and I almost missed it, I may have missed it, save my persistent and wise partner. I almost missed enrolling in the practitioner training that, after clearing years of shame and trauma that still clung to me like a lead overcoat, allowed me to see for the first time my life purpose with unprecedented clarity. I almost missed finally letting go of all the layers of what I am not and fully stepping into who I AM. I almost missed it because I couldn’t see a way of creating the money, of bridging the distances, of clearing our busy schedule. I didn’t miss it because I knew by now that there are perfect times to say “fuck it!” and make it happen no matter what it takes.

Life presents us with opportunities for transformation. When that perfect opportunity shows up for you, scaring the shit out of you, choose into life. Create something mind-blowingly amazing and decide that this is YOUR new future, YOUR choice, YOUR intention, and settle for nothing less!

And don’t let those who have given up on themselves talk you out of your next step, your growth, your joy.

Contact Freyja or I and let’s discuss how we can assist you on your journey of intentional living, joy and passion. Take off YOUR lead overcoat and start living fully!

Don’t miss it!

#Transformation #healing #Consciousness

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