I Have No Shame!

I am woman…and I have no shame. I am not ashamed of the pleasure I feel or the burning depths of my desire! I am not ashamed of the men I have fucked or the colour of their skin. I have experienced the most exquisite joy and pleasure of being held and kissed in the arms of a man who adores me while being made love to by another man who also loves me with every fibre of his being...and to then be made love to by both my men at once...to feel both their hands on my body...their kisses and their love flowing through me like fire and water both at once...there are not words to express...I have felt what it is to be a Goddess! I AM so blessed to have experienced these beautiful men in my life, and I feel no shame!

Shame is the tool you have used to repress and control me for millennia…shame is what you taught my mothers, my grandmothers, to keep them in fear and separated from their pleasure and their power. Shame is what you taught my sisters and required us to turn against ourselves and each other, keeping us separate and afraid that, by their betrayal, the witch burnings would continue. You shamed us into forgetting our connection with the ancient Divine Mother Goddess who represents fertility, growth and renewal. She is the birth-giving, infinite source of creation, the female sexual power …OUR power!

You do not possess the power to shame me, extinguish my desire, decide how I should behave or whom I can love. My voice will no longer be silenced from speaking truth and reclaiming my sacred sexual fire! I do not require your permission or your approval to live my life fully expressed as the powerful woman, healer, priestess and Goddess that I AM. I am truly FREE!

I AM Shameless!

#Shame #goddess #pleasure #healing #Feminism #metoo

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