• Michael Inanna

I AM Polarity

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

I AM polarity…my experiences have made me so.

Unconditional love – Petulantly selfish

I have stood in the light – I have hidden in the shadows.

I know the grinding despair of the failed relationship.

I know the unfathomable joy of the perfect partnership.

Excruciating pain - body-bending pleasure.

I have suffered humiliation – I have enjoyed admiration.

I know the endless frustration of knocking at a door that won’t open.

I know the transcendent ease, the flow of sharing deeply with an open, loving other.

War & peace. Love & hate.

Joy & despair. Success & Failure.

Masculine & Feminine. Beautiful & Ugly.

Sheer genius & stunning stupidity.

Each polarity is unique to me, in my life, at this time, and I am necessarily the intersection, the center, the focus. It is beautiful, priceless, the sum total of my being.

As I gaze in awe at this tapestry, I am drawn to the other intersections, to their beauty, to the way we are connected, how we’ve interacted. The beauty of the whole is in the weave. Loving myself, I love the whole. Loving the whole, I connect back to myself.

I AM all of this. And I AM none of it. For my source is source, and when I collapse the polarities, I return.

#Consciousness #Source

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