No, You Can…Yes, You Can’t

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

Her ways are deep and mysterious.

The Good News is that you will never discover them all.

The Good News is that you don’t have to.

You find her easy, pliable, willing – do you see her weak?

She is fun and sensual, captivating and captive, fully surrendered – do you see her lost?

She gives you her power to see what you will do with it, and bathes herself with your sunlight – do you see her powerless?

The truth is that her ability to be fully, transparently, completely vulnerable is her ultimate Goddess power. And her boundaries are her strength.

Play, cavort, explore together in the summer-land of her sweet vulnerability, and you will go places you never dreamt possible, and have stories no one else can comprehend.

But know that her boundaries are what keep her safe – not you, and cross those boundaries thoughtlessly and learn about winter.

That innocence she shines upon you, that look of unabashed adoration, that deeply satisfying snuggle that causes everyone else in the room an uneasy envy – this is earned every day. Squander it if you wish, you won’t easily get it back.

Leave all the shit society taught you behind – it doesn’t apply here.

She gives what she chooses to whom she chooses and she is accountable only to her heart, body and soul. She is shameless, blameless, and for her, guilt is a transitory thing that teaches her and reminds her to stay on her perfect path.

Discard all the fucked up, hypocritical, disempowering name-calling and hate-filled judgments before you take her in your arms – they have no power here.

She knows who she is, she knows what those words are meant to create, and she rose above that long ago.

Forget all that you thought you knew about relationships, women and sex, for what you create together will be brand new in the world, relevant only to you two, and uniquely perfect.

When you get this, then the dance begins – the beautiful dance of creation, expansion, beauty and power. The resulting tapestry is the weave that changes the world.

Photo by Robert Collins on Unsplash

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