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Updated: Dec 4, 2019

Which is real?

  1. I am typing on an old, obsolete laptop in a 30 year old house in a 3rd world country. My wife is typing on her old laptop, and my son is bothering me for another snack, since he never seems to get enough food lately. I had to walk him to and from school today, and I have so much to do before the end of the month, now that we are moving (again!). Ugh! I hate moving!

  2. I am relaxing in my incredibly beautiful home surrounded by nature, next to a river, in a beautiful, fascinating country. People come from all over the world to visit this land, renowned for its natural beauty, pure water, fresh food, and tranquil environment. Here, I get to work from my home on high tech equipment, creating real change in the world with my wonderful clients. My beautiful partner, the woman of my dreams, works with me in a truly shared partnership, and together we are able to care for our son, who is growing by leaps and bounds, thriving on the great food, fresh air and kind people who come into our lives. He knows what candy is, but he doesn’t consider it a food group. His school is within a short walking distance, and his teachers and classmates are wonderful. We are so excited to be up-leveling to a new location for our home and business, a home in yet again a peaceful community with amazing views, and plentiful opportunities for us to grow our business and our son. OMG, life is good!

Both situations are equally true “objectively.” What makes it true for us is the person at the wheel – what we want, what we value, who we are, and our willingness to own this.

This is not a discussion about being right or wrong, optimistic or cynical, or thinking positive. These concepts only scratch the surface of the reality of the power we hold – to take full power over our experience and our existence.

It’s all about the story, and once we fully accept that, we gain an astonishing amount of power on what our reality can become. But we can’t really fully accept that until we discover the main character of our story – ourselves. Knowing who we are at the deepest levels, our values, dreams, talents and capabilities, is essential to taking control of the story and making it ours.

We’ve all heard the glass half empty/half full analogy, but the real power is taking over the glass and its contents. When you know what you want in that glass, how much of it you want, in what quantities, you no longer helplessly settle for a reality that is handed to you. The limits disappear. The cage you thought was there turns out to be made of confetti, confining you only because someone told you it did.

When you fully get this, when you fully integrate it with self-knowledge and the decision to stop settling in life, suddenly the world opens up to you in ways you never imagined. Your life becomes one of limitless potential, exciting and mysterious. Adventure is no longer something viewed in a movie, but experienced daily. Remember the endless curiosity and wonder when you were a child? That’s back.

And the people, situations, beliefs and bullshit that once held you back become the vaporware they always were – smoke and mirrors to distract you from your power. You’ll know you’ve arrived when you sit down, in partnership with those who are there to journey with you, and ask yourself “If we could do anything, go anywhere, be anyone… what would that look like”…and then you fucking go and do that! Knowing yourself, knowing your values, dreams and talents - what power on earth can hold you back? Only you.

That does NOT mean there are no challenges, and it does NOT mean you have to do it alone. It does mean you will succeed no matter what, because you will decide to succeed no mater what. Challenges are there to tell you that you still have work to do, to fine-tune you, to teach you. And others are there to bless you, to share your journey, give you opportunities to grow through service and shared experiences. The difference is in the intention – your choices are clear in intention, and your intentional circle of soul friends/family are there, supporting you on your path.

In my experience there are some common roadblocks to claiming your perfect life:

“It’s none of your business what other people think of you.”

Don’t let other people’s stories fuck up yours. There will always be people who don’t resonate with you, don’t get you, or plain don’t like you. That’s their story, their reality. You can waste a lot of time trying to modify that, or you can focus into creating amazing with your own story. Guess which one will yield the most benefits?

Triggers, blocks and sticky beliefs that keep getting in the way.

Along with the process of learning who we are, is the letting go of what/who we are NOT. This is all deep work, and starting this work is the first step into starting your life. Everything up to this point is simply existing, settling, believing the bullshit that we are small and helpless. It’s like setting out on a journey with shackles and heavy weights dragging us down. Get real, get serious, and get busy – it doesn’t take the rest of your life to release what you picked up during the first part of your life. The expertise is out there, more today then ever, and the investment will make all the difference.

That nasty little Ego.

The first thing to let go of is something many don’t even realize exists. That constant companion, our ego-mind. Everyone has one, and they are all immature asses. It is their job to keep us safe, and they only know how to do this by keeping us doing the same shit over and over. You’re not dead, so it must be working, right? Identify its whiny voice, thank it for its service and for fulfilling its role, and then let it know that you’ve got it from here. It’s there to assist, not direct, and it will shut you down every time, if it could. It is clever, not wise, and it can learn ‘spiritual language’ if necessary to create spiritual bypass in order avoid risk. It can’t know, can’t comprehend spiritual matters, but it can sound convincing. Do you ever find yourself saying that source/spirit/god has told you to do one thing, and then suddenly tells you to do the opposite? Either source/spirit/god is confused, or you are, and if you are, you can bet your ego is involved. Start tapping into which voice was authentic, which was obstructive, and you will gain the power to discern your ego’s voice.

Waiting to start until you are ‘ready.’

This one will shut you down forever, and is ego based. Life isn’t a series of classes you must take before graduation – the more commitment you show, the more growth you create, and believing that you can prepare for it like a picnic at the beach will shut you down permanently. Even the process of getting to know yourself is an iterative one – as you learn more about yourself and honor that truth, you will open the doors to learning even more. You don’t have to know it all to start benefiting from what you know now. Get ready for scary. Get used to free-fall. Trust in your own knowing, and let go of preconceived ideas on what it will look like. The universe has your back, and it has plans for you that you can’t even imagine. What kind of adventure begins with you knowing the ending, after all? This will be more like a cross between Indiana Jones and Alice in Wonderland – not how-to manual.

The journey is your own – it can only be that way – but enlisting others can enhance, facilitate, and escalate your process, your growth, your expansion. Freyja and I love working with people stepping into their own expansion and freedom – it’s our passion and life purpose. If any of this resonates with you, if WE resonate with you, contact us to learn more about how we can facilitate your journey.

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