I Dare You!

I Dare You!

I dare you…to stop pretending you are happy in those moments when you really want to cry or scream. Allow yourself to feel deeply…no more numbing out and being the walking dead in this life. This world needs people who are truly ALIVE!

I dare you to be authentic and to stop saying ‘yes’ to all the things that everyone else expects of you and to start doing the things that create joy in your life!

I dare you to embark on the powerful journey of exploring your shadows and discovering that they are beautiful when you shine a light on them…that they make you whole!

I dare you to stop f#*king hiding your light to make everyone around you more comfortable. Stop swallowing your truth and living a lie to please those who would keep you in the box of their expectations. As long as you allow this, you will continue to feel as though you are alone, surrounded by people who never truly see you, hear you…never feel you…the silent scream behind the mask!

I dare you…to BE YOU…to discover WHO YOU ARE!

#Joy #healingtrauma #selflove #Consciousness #discovery #selfempowerment

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