The “F#*k It” Factor

The "F#*k it!" factor…it’s powerful! …do you own yours? It is the freedom to be fully who you are and speak your truth without the need to be “liked” or the approval of others. It’s allowing yourself to be fully seen and heard without apology. It is living ones passion…exploring ones talents and gifts and knowing ones true purpose on the earth…and following that path no matter the well meaning “sensible” opinions of others. I came from a place where women were taught to be subservient to men…that it was wicked to be outspoken and to request any more attention than was meted out made one a “jealous bitch”…that sex was only for procreation and if a woman had sex with any other than the husband she was given to then she would go to hell…that same-sex relationships are evil and violate the laws of God…that there must be a man between the people and God telling them what God want’s them to do…even that red was the “Devil’s color” and must not be worn. I say “Fuck that!” I AM a beautiful, loving, compassionate powerful Goddess of freedom and light…and I say fuck all that! I am here as a leader in this time of great shift to break the chains of shame and self-limiting beliefs…to teach those who’s lives I am destined to touch that we all have the Divine within us and that they can tap into their inner knowing and find a direct relationship with God/Source…to teach that sexual union is sacred, powerful and beautiful! I am living this purpose boldly and with no apologies…I love the color red, deep burgundy red, so I wear it! …and black…totally me and sexy! I have explored and integrated my beautiful shadow, so it holds no fear for me. I am so incredibly happy and deeply blessed to be living my passion and sharing this path with the full support of the wonderful, powerful men in my life. Truly, we create our own Heaven on Earth! 

#personalpower #consciousness #feminism #empowerment #goddess

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