Love, Sex & Lies

There are more lies told about sex and love than just about any other aspect of the human experience.

There are enlightened versions and toxic versions of all things, including love and sex. Many of the beliefs we hold around sex and love are toxic because they reject or are out of integrity with the truth. These stories we tell ourselves are based in some sort of illusion, some form of lie, some form of disintegration. We create these disintegration’s and illusions with our minds, based on the shame-based beliefs fed to us by our parents, religion and society. Shame is always based in lies and is a tool used to control and manipulate us into forgetting who we are.

When we deny or repress the sexual aspect of who we are, we are rejecting the deepest essence of ourselves. Sex is where we come from and is actually our divinely given pathway to connection with source energy, each other and with all that is. Orgasm is the portal to discovering yourself and manifesting freedom, wealth and joyful intimacy. Shame around our pleasure, our bodies and self love has been programmed into us to keep us from discovering this, thereby keeping us easily controlled, manipulated and passive. To tolerate being in this state of shame, we separate our minds from our bodies, deny our sexual needs, repress our desires, numb our emotions and feel the need to control the erotic desires of our partners. We judge and slut-shame the sexual behaviours of others (especially women) and even fall into delusions of not needing sex anymore because love/relationships ‘shouldn’t be about sex’ anyway. These are more lies created by the very real traumas and shame of a sexually repressed society.

Sexual shame prevents most from reaching out and doing the deep healing work that is necessary to release and heal the shame and traumas that these lies and repression have created in their bodies. Even once they have shifted the belief on the intellectual level and they deeply desire to experience their pleasure and true intimacy with their partner, shame will hold them back from doing the work. This is particularly true of women. Some will put on the outer appearance of being erotic beings but still continue to be numb in their bodies and not actually experiencing the mind-blowing, gushing, multi-orgasmic out-of-this-world pleasure that their bodies and minds are capable of!

The truth is, no one man is physically capable of giving a woman as much physical and energetic pleasure as her body is capable of receiving. What he CAN do is connect with her and penetrate her on ALL levels - body, heart, mind and soul - so that the pleasure they share fills all her senses, blows her wide open to a state of complete surrender into the divine, ecstatic bliss she is meant to experience! To create this profoundly beautiful, transcendent state, she must feel safe…must deeply trust her partner and be completely open and vulnerable. Ultimately, she must trust herself and her body first before she will trust another enough to allow him/her take her to that state.

So many (women and men) wall up their hearts and wear masks of protection because they don’t believe anyone will truly love them if they expose themselves…naked…sharing their deepest desires and secrets. They may also believe they must protect themselves based on the hurts of past relationships, and that the other person must prove their love and worthiness BEFORE they can let them in. These are more lies we tell ourselves. In truth, this never works and only serves to keep love out. Hiding and protecting your heart is what is actually blocking you from receiving the real love and connection you deeply long for.

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