I See You...

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

I see you, sir.

Yeah, you. You’re that guy disgusted with the locker room talk. You find it repulsive, yet if you chose not to ‘play along’ with the crowd, you are pushed to the margins…just another reason to label you ‘uncool.’

Uncool, because you won’t play the vicious drama games that just leave you dismayed. It makes no sense to you that manipulating women into a constant state of uncertainty and confusion is sane, even if ‘everyone’ does it.

Uncool, because your desire to treat women respectfully seems SO many times to leave you in the dreaded ‘friend zone.’ As if you don’t have desires of your own…

But you do have desires.

Deep desires for deep connection, for unbridled, shared passion, and for mutual adoration with a beloved, caring partner.

But always, it seems, there is that wall of shame. That wall that blocks your full experience. That wall covered with writing:

“All you care about is sex.”

“Sex is worldly, degrading, animalistic.”

“Be a man, grow a pair, be that strong, independent provider and protector, never ‘needy,’ no desires to fulfill.”

A wall that society tells you can only be breached by some form of violence, intimidation or oppression…or else just giving up on the ‘pipe dream’ of having connection AND pleasure. A wall that shames the reality of men having needs to be met.

But you do have needs, and you do want them met.

You need to be touched, held, and nurtured. Unfortunately, our society only allows this need to be met, for men, within the framework of sex.

You need to feel desired, deeply, just as you desire. To look into her eyes, see that hunger, and know she wants you and the pleasure you want to give her. For her to know that so much of the pleasure you receive is tied up in the pleasure you give.

You need to be fully seen, felt, heard and accepted for who you are, without apology. To honor the feminine, while being honored for being you. To be unconditionally loved, while also being challenged to grow and expand into a greater, more authentic version of yourself. To be held in your excellence.

Look up and know that you have been experiencing the ‘Dominator paradigm.’ It is a paradigm that truly serves nobody. It was created to feed the need to control and oppress, but even those who created it did not realize the damage it would bring – for it damages everyone and everything, humanity and planet.

Deep down you’ve been holding onto a secret…

This secret is the quiet knowledge that you are a Warrior, and this knowledge is paired with a fierce refusal to allow others to define what it means to be a Warrior.

For your power is not about death and destruction.

Your ancient medicine is centered around protection, building, sustaining and connection.

When you look through your eyes, you don’t see a world to conquer.

You envision a society to build that is worth building, in peaceful cooperation with your fellow Warriors.

You don’t’ see women as possessions.

You know them in their deepest truth, and accept them as nurturing partners ready to stand with you in shared vision.

And you are done with the false duality of ‘nice guy/bad guy.’

You are not a ‘guy.’ You are a God.

This system that blocked you, shamed you and misled you is crumbling, and the evidence is all around you. This is your time to shed the discredited and failing beliefs, scripts and blockages and step into a new/old paradigm that is changing the world. One where women own their sexuality and pleasure, and men find their compass.

It is through congruence on the deepest levels, with our natures, our gifts and our deepest desires, that we discover our path to peace.

Knowing who we are, we know what we truly want.

Knowing what we want, we can draw in the perfect partner to assist in creating it, or enroll an existing partner into a vision she can embrace – the vision that, at some level, she may have always known was inside you.

Sacred partnerships are catalysts for growth, for all.

Join us, and discover your full expression of yourself, shameless, empowered, met.

Our online program is filling now. Schedule a call and let’s see what we can create together:


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