My Expanding Heart

I love two amazing beautiful souls…I am IN LOVE with each of them! I love each of them fully, completely…with all my heart and I know that my love for the one cannot in any way diminish my love for the other. I feel my heart expanding each day as my capacity and comprehension of love grows and expands. I feel my ability to GIVE love amplify as my willingness to RECEIVE love opens up! The concept that one only has a limited amount of love to give is fundamentally flawed…the key is in one’s willingness to receive love, which opens up the floodgates for love to flow out, limitless and unimpeded by the feelings of unworthiness and the limitations of comparison and need.

When one is requiring love from another to validate their own self worth, no amount of love will EVER fill their need…no amount of loving touch, acts of service or words of adoration will EVER be enough! This phenomenon is mirrored in all areas of our existence. If we are continually focused on the lack of something, such as wealth, lack is all we will ever experience. If we focus our attention on the abundance in our lives and fill our hearts with gratitude for it, more naturally flows to us, allowing us to, thereby, bless the lives of others! The experience of love is, and always will be, a reflection of one’s own subconscious perception of self worth and corresponding level of openness to receiving. This actually has nothing to do with the desire to experience love…but rather the ability to see and feel it when it is given!

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