Come Back To Love

Occasionally it is necessary to draw attention to what is going on that needs to be shifted/healed in the world. Awareness and acknowledgement of these patterns is required before they can be addressed and a new way of being can be engaged in that better serves us all. We must be awakened to truth before we can make a conscious shift.

One of these truths is that we are all one and that when one of us harms another or one group of people dominates and represses another, all of this becomes a part of the collective pain, fear and chaos that exists in the world.

Another essential truth is that we must, first, reconnect with the deepest essence of who we are and resolve the war within us before we will be successful at creating peace in the world at large. As long as we continue to fight to overcome our sacred creative source energy as sexual beings and struggle to repress our natural desires because of shame we will feed the war within and that war will be reflected in our relationships, our countries and with the way we treat all life on Sacred Mother Earth.

The third truth is that, if we do not do the work required to heal, we humans will cease to exist as a species on this planet…one way or another. Either we will destroy each other or we will make the earth uninhabitable by humans, thereby destroying ourselves. We, her children, are bleeding her life blood causing earthquakes and storms, poisoning the water that gives us life…burning our oxygen supply. She will survive and regenerate regardless…we will not.

We MUST reconnect with the only REAL truth that is universal above all others. We are ALL ONE…we are ALL CONNECTED. What each of us does, affects and is felt by the all in some way. Look deeply into the eyes of another - your lover, your child, an animal, a stranger. Gaze into them long enough to discover the part of them that is YOU! How then, can you not love them unless it is YOU that you do not love?! It all comes back to LOVE…the most powerful force in the universe.

Resolve the war within…come back to who we are…back to LOVE.

We are ONE. I love you!

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