Your Pleasure Is A Gift

It’s International Women’s Day - It’s time…

...Time that you know Your Pleasure Is A Gift


Do you know that your pleasure is a gift in so many ways and on many different levels? Your pleasure makes you radiant, joyful, magnetic! Your sacred orgasmic energy IS creation! Your pleasure is contagious…your lover will feel it and receive joy and pleasure in return. Others in your life will experience your energy as delicious playfulness, loving openness and inner peace. Your power and creativity are released and expressed. When you are tapped into your pleasure and turned on in life, confidence shines through and you literally seem to age backwards. Your soul shines through and is SEEN!


Do you understand the way your openness (or resistance) to receiving affects and mirrors every aspect of your life? Notice the way your openness (or lack thereof) to receiving sexual pleasure is mirrored in your ability to receive a compliment, a caress, an act or expression of love. Do you see an acknowledgment of your beauty or expression of desire from your partner as uncomfortable or even threatening because it might lead to something sexual? Are you numbed out to pleasure or actually turned off at the thought of having sex? Are you triggered? Do you WISH you could feel desire for your partner but there is something in the way?


Are you in touch with the way shame surrounding your desires keeps you playing small and prevents you from being fully alive and expressed as the powerful, sensual, sexual divine being that you were born to be? Shame is the tool that has been used to dominate us as women for millennia…to keep us disconnected from our power, our creativity, our deep passion and desire, our powerful intuition! When we are denied access to this essential part of our natures we are more easily manipulated and controlled. When we feel shame, we hide…we contract into ourselves and we can be silenced.


It’s time. It’s time to reclaim our sacred pleasure as our birthright. It’s time to speak our truth and raise our voices in our rage, in our grief, in our joy and divine ecstasy! It’s time to say ‘NO’ to lies, manipulations and any attempts to shame our erotic natures. It’s time to rise together as sisters and, as we rise, so shall all of humanity!

Your pleasure is a gift!

Are you ready to receive?

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