I Honor You...

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

I honor you, the masculine…

Trapped in your manly cage, bristling with beastly spikes and one-way windows.

Safe from being seen, for you’ve been told you are ghastly.

Safe from being touched, because wouldn’t that would be girly?

Safe from being heard, because who’d want to hear you.

What you won’t ever say is how the spikes go both ways.

I honor you for the integrity in spite of the holes.

I honor you for the strength in spite of the scorn.

I honor you for the unquenched desires that you hold at bay, as you struggle to create order, serve tirelessly an ungrateful world, and shoulder the burden of unspoken expectations.

I honor the purity of your deepest desires, and the divinity you’re never permitted.

I revere you, the feminine…

Hiding in translucent alabaster rooms, bedecked with thorny vines and glowing sigils.

Safe from being seen, because you’ll never be enough.

Safe from being loved, because ‘love’ has brought the most pain.

Safe from being heard, because your input isn’t honored.

What you won’t ever speak is the unbearable loneliness of your precious safety.

I revere you for the beauty in spite of the derision.

I revere you for the grace as you maneuver the traps.

I revere you for the unquenched desires that you strive to free, as you nurture the weak, serve tirelessly an ungrateful society, and spontaneously create even while embattled.

I revere the sacred magic of your deepest nature, and the divinity that couldn’t be extinguished.

We are creatures of love born into a universe saturated with love, told to not breathe in love…

-unless we receive it from another;

-unless we take it from another;

-unless we earn it.

We are the offspring of divinity, surrounded by the offspring of divinity, told we must seek divinity…

-as long as we receive it from another;

-as long as we deny it of another;

-as long as we deserve it.

We are unpolarized purity seeking polarized good – as if that was a thing.

We are beautiful tapestries of human and divine trying to unravel our threads – as if that was desirable.

We are inextricably linked on every possible level to everything/body else, pretending to be alone – as if that was even possible.

It’s ok…we can stop now.

We can stop believing in peace through war, happiness as a product, and progress through oppression – it was all just a myth, after all.

We can discard the depraved beliefs that the desires of our heart are wrong, pleasure and

joy are selfish, and that our deepest selves are craven and animalistic.

We can let go of this nasty little experiment, where we replaced our natural human state of creativity and partnership with a sick culture of death and domination. See, it’s really not working out. We’ve tried everything to make that culture work, and I think we can call it a failure.

And we can each do it, one at a time. We can step back into our true natures. We can shed that which we are not. We can just let it go.

Yeah, I know it’s not that easy – you don’t shed a lifetime of socialization, rigid belief systems, and propaganda overnight. But can you think of anything more important?

I can’t.

And so, I honor and revere you, the masculine and the feminine, for you are spectacular, you are beautiful, and together you are unstoppable. Together WE are unstoppable.

Everything else is a story.

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