Primal Source Activation Full Immersion 
Intensive Retreat Program

Discover Your True Identity through healing past traumas, releasing limiting programming and stepping into sexual self-mastery to reconnect the Masculine & Feminine in joyful partnership.

We work with spiritually aware men to help them discover their true identity, step into sexual self-mastery and reconnect with the Feminine in joyful partnership as the Powerful Protectors they were born to be, so they can interact with women, other men, and the changing world around them in a way that is both honouring and powerful!


Are you experiencing the confusion and frustration of not knowing how to show up when interacting with women and by the mixed messages that men receive around what is considered acceptable/appropriate “masculine” behaviour, not only from women, but other men as well?


Are you too familiar with the pain of not been seen, feeling unappreciated for what you contribute, and the disappointment of not having needs met in your relationships? Are you tired of not knowing how to say what you feel, or hesitant to reach out for real intimacy in a relationship, fearing it will trigger your partner and create more pain or rejection?  Are you afraid to be truly vulnerable because you might get hurt, or be seen as weak?  After all, big boys don’t cry, right?  Do you fear that your partner might despise you if your deepest desires and shadows were exposed?   

Do you feel like there is no winning solution - no matter what you do, you are wrong? Society’s messages around masculinity are mixed, inconsistent and contradictory. Too nice, and you are consigned to the friend zone, too assertive, and you are an arrogant dick. Too aggressive, and you are abusive, too gentle and you are labeled as a feminized, boring beta man. Have you seen so many women attracted to the sort of men who you KNOW are abusive and disrespectful, and then hear women lamenting about how they “can never find a good man”? Have you begun to feel cynical? And now, with the #metoo movement, many men feel lost and frustrated, once again in a no-win situation. It appears that today’s world proceeds from the assumption that all men are abusers, and any attempt to defend themselves is seen as proof of this.


Are you are tired of being shamed for wanting sex, and fed up with being called needy because the level of intimacy you desire is on a more physical level than your partner’s? Have you concluded that either women don’t know their own minds, or that they are cynically manipulating men using sex and that they don’t really enjoy sex for their own pleasure? Have you given up on having real, spontaneous passion in your relationships once the “honeymoon” is over, and consigned yourself to the apparent reality that sex is something grudgingly given by women, and it always comes with a price tag? Does it seem that honourable men who keep their commitments lead dull lives, while shallow asses who break promises as fast as they make them have “all the fun”?


It doesn’t have to be this way!  The truth is, that you CAN have it ALL…the connection and intimacy… meaningful, authentic communication in ALL your relationships…the excitement and fun…the steamy, passionate sexual ecstasy…EVERYTHING!

It’s possible to create a WHOLE NEW REALITY by getting in touch with who you are on a deep level, being fully expressed in your masculinity and accessing the power and confidence of the Sacred Warrior within. You find that perfect balance of vulnerability and healthy boundaries that permits you to connect to your personal power at its most effective level, and the success you find, in business, relationships, and personal growth provides a life of joy and contentment.

Through accessing the power of vulnerability and learning to trust your intuition at a whole new level, you allow yourself to be seen and appreciated for your unique set of gifts and for your contribution to the world.  This allows you to draw in a partner who will encourage you to grow and who will grow WITH you - one who does not try to fix you, but rather acts as a catalyst and support for you becoming the best version of yourself! You take care of your body, your health, and your personal growth, and you do it because YOU want to! Your home is no longer a battlefield - it is a sanctuary. Life is easy where it should be easy, and challenging where the growth is. Every path is a win.


Experience sexuality and pleasure as a mutual, shared, sacred experience, rather than a transactional exchange.  See her desire as she gazes into your eyes, and create the space so she can fully experience her desire and want more of you!  Feel that primal attraction where you can't walk by your partner without the overwhelming desire to reach out and touch her and know that desire is reciprocated.  Engage in deep ecstatic pleasure in your sexual union and experience true intimacy (into-me-you-see) at a level you never dreamed was possible!  Feel her feeling you…knowing that she is safe…surrendered completely into her pleasure because she trusts you with the deepest most sacred part of herself!  

* We only work with men who are fully committed, ready to do whatever it takes to create their results, and who are not afraid to invest in themselves.

** Note:  This intensive retreat program includes a free gift of our powerful Primal Source Connection online program

*** For a list of specific results you can expect to create, read our description on our BodyMindSoul Emancipation Retreat page.

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